Ja Morant GUN suspension, Trump Roasts CNN, & Kanye back w/ Adidas
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Boys’ episode this week. We’re talking Ja Morant flashing his weapon, Donald Trump burying his rivals, Andrew pulling guard in Phoenix and KSI’s Misfit’s KO was a clear accident. INDULGE! 00:00 Why’s Ja Morant willing to throw it away? 09:35 Stand-ups being in a contract year, every year 10:48 Ja can have guns; just don’t show them 13:24 Ja Morant ain’t a kid no more AND he signed up for it 20:47 They’re gonna humiliate Ja 22:40 Ja has to leave Memphis + The Knicks NEED him 25:16 Real Gs didn’t throw it up + leaning in too much 32:06 It’s all rappers’ fault + having “f*** you money” 38:13 Donald Trump has already bodied DeSantis 40:50 Hillary was human on Breakfast Club + focus grouped to death 42:42 “Unfortunately or fortunately” + Trump saw Andrew’s joke 46:18 Can’t be pardoning Jan Sixers + Trump was right on Ukraine/Russia 51:41 CNN backlash for Trump Townhall + Fox in a tough position 01:06:32 Suga Sean v Schulzy - pulling guard in Phoenix 01:13:52 Practice really does make perfect 01:17:47 LeBron’s insane recall 01:19:36 Tim tapped out Andrew + Jiu Jitsu cardio is insane 01:21:58 Mark gets COMPETITIVE 01:25:52 Bad Friends appearance + missing being on the road 01:31:44 KSI’s KO - clearly by accident 01:37:28 Boxing has forgotten how to promote 01:44:32 Fighting across disciplines - kicks are difference maker 01:46:42 Seb Maniscalco is unbelievable + Bobby DeNiro is good at acting??? 01:51:23 Martha Stewart does not care + still a smoke show 01:53:31 Feet surgery is coming + Cilantro tortures Andrew + Thai open sex 01:58:17 Hotel Manager sucking dem thangs + Al’s SUSPICIOUS 02:06:03 Who has the best feet at Flagrant? 02:11:08 Jamie Foxx seems to be ok - but does seem off 02:13:05 Charla’s bet on Ye - might have to suck toes 02:14:18 Ye’s wife is Kim & Amber put together + Ye is back, BABY
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