Joey Diaz BEST Prison Stories, Touring with Joe Rogan, & Selling Drugs
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Get up, c*******as, we have Joey “Coco” Diaz in the studio with us today. Joey’s talking about meeting Joe Rogan, the cocaine 80s, kidnapping, prison, Cuban culture and why LA is so corrosive. INDULGE! 00:00 L.A. Women are weak - couldn’t raise his daughter there 01:39 No woman like Joey’s mom - GANGSTA 04:42 Dad ran with the Jews 08:25 Joey grew up fast + supplying Sticky Charlie 12:14 Running numbers in the Bronx + collecting up 14:40 Mom going back to Cuba? + couldn’t get sister out 16:53 Joey can’t leave + Seattle Troubles 24:39 Day in the life of criminal Joey 30:34 Had to leave + 1984 NYC was WILD 37:06 Scarface changed everything + NYC was on fire 42:53 Getting locked up - inevitable + “we have to teach you a lesson” 52:47 Homeless + Credit Card finesse + itchy in Colorado 58:40 The Kidnapping story 01:26:24 Rapport with Judge is paramount + petty criminality 01:30:34 Prison - gangs + hanging outs in Aids facility 01:41:39 Becoming an entertainer - Pryor + Prison 01:50:24 Prison takes away your manhood 01:51:49 Messing with other prisoners 01:55:19 Meeting Joe Rogan & Mitzi Shore + Comedy Store 01:59:58 Comics don’t listen - Mitzi, Kinison, Hicks, Handler 02:09:40 Andrew’s 1st time watching Joey + always learning 02:15:00 LA is horrible + New York is change 02:21:02 Water drinkers spoilt NYC + life has changed 02:22:09 Joey’s daughter is his consigliere 02:24:27 Being good on stage + Testicle Testaments 02:30:32 Rogan’s impact + the Podcast was perfect 02:40:02 Book nearly got cancelled - the story that got taken out 02:43:01 Getting so paranoid, Joey called cops on himself 02:44:29 Supplying Whitney Houston 02:48:35 “Matthew McConaughey, you suck” 02:53:01 Has Joey got all the juice out of life? Sage advice from Slash
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