Russel Brand Allegations, Hasan Minhaj Made Up Stories, & Deion Sanders Saved College Football
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What’s good people today we discuss the assault allegations brought against Russel brand, we discuss if stories can be made up for political gain, and Deion sanders effect on college ball INDULGE! 00:44 Hasan's real life is INSANE 02:14 Comedians make up stories? Prom "date" had to marry Indian 05:02 Hasan told Akaash the Prom story YEARS ago 07:59 White House Correspondents off lies + Khashoggi & Kushner 09:40 Victimization separate from the comedy 16:17 New podcast - Hasan, Jussie, Santos, LeBron 20:13 Hasan Minhaj loses the Daily Show gig? 28:18 Hasan co-opting emotional truth - that's a part of comedy 35:56 The Russell Brand Story 39:57 How will it effect Russell? Might become bigger 43:07 Comedians are the real victims here 43:50 Deric Poston's wedding - GET MARRIED 45:02 Andrew CRIED + write your own vows yo 51:25 Renew your vows is the next move 54:58 Flagrant Padel tournament incoming 56:40 Fan almost gets Andrew Schulz with unreal joke 01:07:03 Deion Sanders is a Victor - immense magnetism + tough games incoming 01:16:36 Picks for the NFL 01:17:59 Halle Berry Slimed + Drake holding attention & timing fo release 01:30:23 Missing F-35 + Why would US admit it? 01:36:15 Hunter Biden, gun control + Trump somehow has normal kids 01:49:35 Is Joe Biden less stressed? George Bush is the GOAT
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