In today's episode of At the Table, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson continues the series of conversations with District Superintendents and lay leadership from around the Conference. She is joined by Central East superintendent Rev. Dr. Rodrigo Cruz and lay leader Jeff Fuller. They discuss the gift and value of multi-cultural ministry and how to get started.
Published 05/14/21
Published 05/14/21
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson invites Rev. Jimmy Moor to join her "At the Table" this week. Jimmy offers a sermon from the Gospel of John for the first Sunday after Easter then he and Bishop Sue discuss our connection, staying alert, and how grateful we are when peace and joy show up.   
Published 04/12/21
This week Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson shares post-Easter reflections for exhausted clergy and laity.
Published 04/06/21
This week Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson invites Rev. Dr. Yvette Massey to share a Sermon on Psalm 31. Afterward, Bishop Sue and Yvette talk about what it means to be in God's hands.
Published 03/29/21
This week Bishop Sue invites seminary student Mychal Ellis to share a sermon and have a conversation on the lectionary text and Wesley's Covenant Prayer. This is Mychal's very first sermon! She and Bishop Sue discuss Jesus' journey and his desire to draw in all people. 
Published 03/22/21
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson welcomes Rev. Black Trent to "At the Table." Rev. Trent shares a Lenten sermon and he and Bishop Sue ask the question, "Can we just go back to normal!?!" 
Published 03/15/21
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson continues the series, inviting a guest pastor to share a sermon on Wesley's Covenant Prayer and our lectionary text. This week she is joined by Rev. John Tomlin, a local pastor serving North Fayette UMC. They discuss John's interesting career path and what's in a name. 
Published 03/01/21
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson begins a new series, inviting a guest pastor to share a sermon based on this week's lectionary and Wesley's Covenant Prayer, and then join her to discuss the message. This week she invites Rev. Blair Boyd Zant back to the podcast.    
Published 02/22/21
In today's episode, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson is joined Rev. Dr. Yvette Massey and Rev. Blair Boyd Zant for the conclusion of our series of conversations on the Covenant Prayer. Hear about their joys, their calls to ministry, and their own "So Be It" moments.  
Published 02/15/21
In this episode of "At the Table," Bishop Sue is joined by her friend and colleague Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey. Bishop Harvey serves the Louisiana Conference and is President of the United Methodist Council of Bishops. They discuss the next lines of the Covenant Prayer: Thou art mine, and I am thine. So be it.
Published 02/08/21
Bishop Sue is joined "At the Table" this week by Rev. Scott Parrish to discuss some of the most challenging lines of Wesley's Covenant Prayer. They contemplate just how much we could do if we joined together, freely and heartily yielding all things to Christ, and welcoming everyone to the table.   
Published 02/01/21
Bishop Sue didn't have to look far to find a great conversation partner for this episode of At the Table. She is joined by her husband Rev. Allen Johnson. Allen is currently serving as Associate Pastor at Johns Creek UMC. They discuss the Covenant Prayer.
Published 01/25/21
In this week's episode of At the Table, Bishop Sue is joined by Rev. Dr. Jessica Terrell, Brandall Lovvorn, Rev. Joya Abrams, and Rev. Whit Martin. They discuss the United Methodist itinerancy and appointment process through the lens of the Covenant Prayer. 
Published 01/18/21
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson shares a prophetic and pastoral message inviting North Georgia United Methodists to recommit to prayer and spiritual disciplines and to hold up our plumb lines as we discern truth from falsehood, good from evil.
Published 01/13/21
In this episode, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson is joined by Bishop Ken Carter of the Florida Annual Conference. They discuss what is going on in our country and how it relates to our faith. They call on each of us to recognize Christ in one other.  
Published 01/11/21
In this episode of "At the Table," Bishop Sue begins a discussion on Wesley's Covenant Prayer. She is joined by DuWanna Thomas (president of North Georgia's Black Methodists for Church Renewal) and Rev. Dr. Byron Thomas (pastor at Ben Hill UMC in Atlanta and chair of the North Georgia Conference Delegation). They focus on the first line of the prayer, "I am no longer my own, but thine." As you listen, share your thoughts with Bishop Sue at [email protected] 
Published 01/04/21
In today's episode of At The Table with Bishop Sue, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson talks with North East District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Alice Rogers and District Lay Servant Ministries Director Dr. Kay Haugen. They discuss the strength of the laity in our connection and the excellent Lay Servant Ministries program. Find Kay's contact information at www.ngumc.org/NorthEastLayServantMinistry. 
Published 12/09/20
On this episode of At the Table, Bishop Sue talks with Central South District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Quincy Brown and Covington First UMC staff member Claudia Minge about how the church can be a beacon, build relationships, and lay out a "Discipleship Path" right now and into the future. 
Published 11/10/20
In this episode of At the Table, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson talks with SouthWest District Superintendent Rev. Susan Landry and Lay Leader Debby Stikes address concerns and share lessons learned from small churches.     
Published 10/22/20
In this episode of At The Table with Bishop Sue, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johson offers an update on public worship, on our work to end racism, and on the concept of "we." 
Published 06/12/20
In Episode 6 of "At The Table with Bishop Sue," Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson talks with Rev. Lindsay Geist, a gifted leader and licensed clinical social worker, about the frustration and grief we're feeling in this time of pandemic and how to turn our thoughts toward all that is life-giving and worthy of praise. 
Published 05/14/20
In Episode 5 of "At the Table with Bishop Sue," Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson talks with Rev. Bill Britt about stewardship, generosity, and giving. Rev. Britt is a gifted leader and serves as pastor of Peachtree Road UMC in Atlanta. 
Published 05/07/20
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson reflects on transformation this Easter Sunday.
Published 04/12/20
In Episode 3 of “At the Table with Bishop Sue,” Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson addresses the recently released Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation. She is clear that this is not just another plan and calls United Methodists to be in prayer and to do the hard work to see this agreement through.  Press Releasehttps://www.unitedmethodistbishops.org/newsdetail/united-methodist-traditionalists-centrists-progressives-bishops-sign-agreement-aimed-at-separation-13133654 Protocol of...
Published 01/05/20