Wayne McGregor's story takes us from practising ballroom dancing above a tile centre, to studying neuroscience at Cambridge University, and discovering how simply changing the way we brush our teeth can improve our creativity. https://radiowolfgang.com/s/beginning-and-middle
Published 03/09/16
Published 03/09/16
Artist José Parlá unfolds the layers of his life from childhood in Puerto Rico and Miami, through the early days of hip-hop and breakdancing, to the peak of his career so far; a 90ft mural for One World Trade Centre in New York https://radiowolfgang.com/s/beginning-and-middle
Published 02/08/16
Lewis is the first person in history to have completed a long distance swim in every ocean, including the icy waters of the North Pole. He swims in sub-zero temperatures to draw attention to man’s impact on our oceans. https://radiowolfgang.com/s/beginning-and-middle/lewis-pugh
Published 02/06/16
It’s not every day you meet a medical professor who enjoys wearing kaftans, flying planes, drinking expensive champagne and running his own children’s charity. But today is one of those days. https://radiowolfgang.com/s/beginning-and-middle
Published 12/23/15