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Published 08/31/21
00:00​ Tristan Barton - Interlude02:26​ Gísli Gunnarsson - Birds Of Paradise05:54​ Mustafa Avşaroğlu - When the Last Hope Runs Out08:27​ Linus Johnsson - Nya Dagar13:01​ Revolt Production Music - Lost in You14:59​ Salvatore Lo Presti - Animals Phone Home18:40​ Julien Journet - Sinking In The Rain21:18​ Amann - Believe Reprise24:20​ Julien Journet - Now27:49​ Atis Freivalds - Heartbeats31:10​ FORM '95 - Image34:53​ Salvatore Lo Presti - Endless Sea37:51​ PHANTOM - Uprising39:50​ Atis Freivalds...
Published 08/06/21
00:00​ Krale - Memoirs of the Forgotten03:20​ Position Music - Roya - Penitence06:42​ Matthew L. Fisher - The Almighty11:15​ Position Music - Tom Player - Forever Lost14:23​ Gothic Storm Music - Chris Haigh - End Of Days16:10​ Position Music - Time Stands Still - Dreaming Of A Pale Sun18:20​ Trevor DeMaere - Provenance25:12​ Onur Tarcin - infinity27:47​ Peter Roe - Living by the Sword31:39​ Revolt Production Music - A Lonely Heart33:47​ Revolt Production Music - Beyond The Wall36:36​ Trevor...
Published 07/23/21
Zack Hemsey - The wayZack Hemsey - Waiting between worldsDeadmau5 - BleedHammock - Mono no awareHammock - Dark beyond the blueLast Days - Your silence is the loudest soundMattia Cupelli - Love & LossHammock - Ten thousand years won't save your life/////
Published 07/17/21
Vienna Violin EnsembleTasmin LittleAlbinoniItzhak PerlmanJohn WilliamsSome comments that might reflect what's going on in your soul:“He who saves a single life, saves the world entire.”-The Talmud, Schindler's List--------------------When you remember life doesn't have an undo button.--------------------When you just feel empty inside--------------------
Published 07/10/21
00:00​ For Her04:32​ Rain07:53​ Nannis10:21​ Ethereal Limerence13:21​ Aurora Borealis16:10​ I Won't Let You Go18:47​ Away20:54​ You and Me23:22​ Earth (Atis Freivalds & Tino Danielzik)26:02​ The Light Between Us28:42​ One More Time To Live--------------------Some comments that may reflect what's going on in your soul:it's hard to answer the question"what's wrong?"when nothing feels right--------------------BRAIN: I’m working but I’m stupid, depressed, and suicidal.HEART: I’m beating but I...
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The most meaningful description
Published 05/29/21
Suddenly 10% of all the monthly listeners from Taipei (9100km away btw). Well, hi to you all
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Vyanah Music
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Peder B. Helland
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Remaining 165 days
Published 03/19/21
Peder B. Helland0:00​ - Post War3:50​ - Return of the Soldiers7:00​ - Farewell9:15​ - Tears12:37​ - The Song of the Heart16:45​ - Dawn of Hope19:43​ - Earth in the Sky24:39​ - Memories26:53​ - Echoes of the Forest31:37​ - The End34:40​ - My Promise*Repeated*
Published 03/05/21
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Published 03/03/21
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Published 02/27/21