Jeff is joined by Jeremy Allaire - technologist, internet pioneer, and serial entrepreneur. Jeremy is the founder of Circle, a global financial technology firm enabling a multitude of organizations to harness the power of digital currencies for payments, e-commerce and a wide variety of financial applications. Jeff and Jeremy talk about the fast-moving digital currency revolution, the evolution of money itself, and Web 3.0 ideals to create an open internet of value.
Published 12/21/21
Published 12/21/21
This episode is about the friction we face as innovators. Jeff is joined by David Schonthal, Clinical Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, and co-author of The Human Element: Overcoming the Resistance That Awaits New Ideas. Jeff and David discuss the headwinds that stand in the way of innovation; the frictions that, unless overcome, will prevent new ideas from succeeding.
Published 11/16/21
Jeff speaks with Rita McGrath, Professor of Management at the Columbia Business School, and author of Seeing Around Corners, How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen. Rita has received the #1 achievement award for strategy from the prestigious Thinkers50, and has been consistently named one of the world’s Top 10 management thinkers. Rita shares her unique perspective on how to spot trends, what to do about them, and practical tips to align your organization to important...
Published 10/15/21
Marcello Estevão, Global Director of Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment at The World Bank knows the importance and impact of public debt management. In this episode, Marcello takes Jeff through the process of debt intervention for national economies, the role of debt in tax policy making, and how emerging technology can materially enhance public finance (including tax) systems. Marcello also offers some insights on economic development as the pandemic recovery continues.
Published 08/20/21
Susan Garfield, Chief Public Health Officer at EY, believes we’re at the precipice of a transformational moment in health equity, leveraging innovative technology to make a difference in the lives of millions. Jeff and Susan chat about the cascading effect of technology in healthcare, its impact on the democratization of high-quality care, and how the public sector can learn from the pandemic to improve resiliency and the overall quality of healthcare.
Published 07/09/21
Check out part two of Jeff's interview with Dave Duncan, author of The Secret Lives of Customers: A Detective Story About Solving the Mystery of Customer Behavior. Through a very engaging parable, Dave dives into what motivates customers across the functional, social, and emotional spectrum, with an emphasis on the important questions you're asking about your customers.
Published 06/28/21
Dave Duncan, author of The Secret Lives of Customers: A Detective Story About Solving the Mystery of Customer Behavior, investigates what customers truly care about most. Through a very engaging parable, Dave dives into what motivates customers across the functional, social, and emotional spectrum, with an emphasis on the important questions you're asking about your customers.
Published 06/17/21
Are you incorporating “digital trust” into your digital transformation efforts? Hank Prybylski, Vice Chair of Transformation at EY, breaks down what it means to incorporate mission-critical trust elements into a successful digital transformation endeavor. Jeff and Hank cover a wide range of transformation and innovation topics, from digital governance and maximizing AI effectiveness, to mitigating biases within data.
Published 05/24/21
Tendayi Vicki, PhD, and author of Pirates In The Navy: How Innovators Drive Transformation, joins the show to chat about how companies can harness innovation while still managing their core business. Jeff and Tendayi discuss how “intrapreneurs” are sometimes the innovation heroes within organizations. Tune in to hear how Tendayi thinks organizations can exercise their innovation muscle through a heavy emphasis on collaboration, and emerge from the pandemic with newfound innovation strength.
Published 04/28/21
Lawrence Wintermeyer knows his stuff! Not only is Lawrence a globally recognized FinTech expert, but he’s also Co-Chair of Global Digital Finance, and now the principal of Elipses - an advisory firm focused on digital disruption in the finance sector. Jeff and Lawrence speak on how FinTech can become a driving force behind more resilient industries, how government can utilize digital currencies to help society, and why asking governments to solve big issues on their own might not work.
Published 04/07/21
Sandra Ro, a bucket-list guest for Jeff and CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council, joins us to share how resilient innovators are expanding the capabilities of blockchain to positively contribute to pandemic reemergence. It’s hard to find someone better connected to the global development and proliferation of this powerful technology. If you have any interest in applying blockchain within your organization, then this is a must-listen!
Published 03/19/21
Rumi Morales has seemingly done it all . . . she has worked at traditional financial institutions, advised blockchain startups, and at one point was even a lounge singer! She is a master of reinvention for growth. On this episode Jeff and Rumi talk about the power of reinvention; in financial systems, businesses, and frankly life in general. Tune in to learn how reinvention becomes particularly necessary following a crisis, as an important step on the path to recovery.
Published 02/10/21
Emerging tech developers often assume that governance stifles innovation, according to Shelia Warren, Jeff’s guest for this episode. In Warren’s view, governance not only protects consumers, but also helps tech developers build more inclusive products with greater adoption. Learn how good tech governance can actually help proliferate young, powerful, tech.
Published 12/09/20
From AI, to technological convergence and governance, to crisis innovation lessons, this season of Better Innovation was like no other. In this Season 3 finale episode, Jeff recaps his thought-provoking interviews and distills three key insights from a truly memorable group of guests.
Published 09/28/20
This week, Jeff talks with Dr. David Bray, inaugural Director of the GeoTech Center with the Atlantic Council. Join us as Jeff and David talk about new data trusts / cooperative models that optimize information sharing without compromising privacy rights.
Published 08/28/20
This week, former guest and the father of entrepreneurism, Steve Blank, rejoins the show to discuss how organizations can apply his lean startup theory to reset, rethink, and relaunch key growth imperatives. The next few months in particular will be critical to reposition initiatives in the new economy; Steve’s lean theory has tremendous applicability to our crisis reemergence.
Published 07/27/20
This week, Jeff is joined by Pete Newell, retired U.S. Army Colonel and CEO of BMNT (a government consulting/innovation firm). Pete speaks on lessons learned during his Army innovation experience – especially focused on how to problem-solve through a crisis. Jeff and Pete explore how these crisis innovation techniques help organizations adapt to shifting challenges and expectations—before, during and beyond COVID-19.
Published 07/10/20
In the second episode of our COVID-19 and crisis innovation miniseries, Jeff talks to Ramesh Raskar, MIT Associate Professor and founder of COVID Path Check, the MIT nonprofit spinout developing ‘Safe Paths,’ a contact tracing technology solution. Ramesh is a leading digital contact tracing thought leader in the world, fiercely committed to protecting personal data privacy. Jeff serves Path Check as an advisor and works closely with Ramesh supporting the important mission to slow the spread...
Published 06/08/20
In the debut of our new series, Jeff sits with Sienna Leis from the Covid-19 Safe Paths initiative emanating from MIT. Along with a few hundred volunteers, this Safe Paths movement has created an innovative technology solution to help slow the spread of Covid-19.
Published 05/21/20
We have decided to pause our Artificial Intelligence theme for Season 3, and spend the coming months focused on COVID-19 and Crisis Innovation. We’re talking to the people innovating for the next phase of this crisis and beyond; the people who are trying to make it a safer and prosperous world for all of us.
Published 05/15/20
In this special throwback episode, we’re featuring Jeff’s 2016 TEDx talk that was the impetus for Better Innovation, focused on citizen activism and the impact of a carbon tax in British Columbia. The tax decreased fossil fuel consumption by 16%, earned public support. Jeff explains how we could adopt similar taxes across the globe to fight climate change.
Published 03/05/20
Government agencies are bogged down by inefficiencies, while the private sector faces a rocky future ahead. That’s where “uncommon coalitions” between the two come in, according to Tomicah Tillemann and Dante Dispartae, Jeff’s two guests for this episode. Learn how these strategic partnerships can promote sustainability, diversity and stability.
Published 02/20/20
The Davos Talks, 2020: Emerging technologies can transform entire societies, but their wide adoption at scale to improve lives has proven challenging. In this episode, Jeff talks about inclusive innovation with Dante Disparte, head of policy at the Libra Foundation. Dante explains how collaborative fintech platforms can bring underserved communities into the global economy.
Published 02/11/20
Davos 2020- Jeff talks open-source innovation in the public sector with Tomicah Tillemann, Executive Director of the Digital Impact and Governance Initiative at New America. Tomicah explains how collaborative open-source platforms can help governments administer taxes and allocate resources more effectively —and ultimately restore the public trust.
Published 02/06/20