How will the Betties handle a depiction of an actual adult relationship AND the high-stakes world of professional sports? Join us as we reckon with such questions as “Was Quincy wrong to ‘take a ho to Burger King’?” and “Should one ever wager one’s upcoming marriage to Tyra Banks on a few rounds of b-ball?” Other topics include feminism (as always), fashion (as always), and whether Omar Epps could really be a basketball player at 5’10”! Starring: Sanaa Lathan, Omar Epps, Gabrielle Union,...
Published 07/27/20
Come for Heather Ledger at peak hawtness, stay for sexy Prince Edward! You know you had a crush on Shannyn Sossamon, even if you had no idea how to say her last name.  Live out your RenFair dreams today with the Betties as we fawn over these legendary, completely believable, historically accurate characters as they bicker, gamble, joust, and most importantly, dance to David Bowie (bet you didn’t know David Bowie was around in the time of Chaucer DID YOU?!) Plus, find out why jousting is...
Published 07/14/20
There’s no better way to kick off our season two theme than with the legendary cheerleading movie that taught us important lessons like: what a standing back tuck was, how to have "cheer-sex" with someone, and most importantly, when you get caught ripping someone off, you should definitely like… STOP RIPPING THEM OFF! This movie went on to have FIVE horrendous sequels made out of it, but it just makes watching the OG one even better! Come for the spanky pants and crimped hair, stay for the...
Published 06/29/20
What is the recipe for becoming the biggest Marvel Superhero of all time? 1. Try and get seduced by your sister 2. Cover yourself in whip cream and stick a banana in your bumhole 3. Get a handicapped kid decapitated in a football game 4. Beat out the nice guy for a girl you don’t really know or like 5. Have Molly Ringwold talk some sense into your thick skull. Not Another Teen Movie is the delightful season ender that turns all stereotypes on their heads. Join the Betties as they giggle...
Published 06/15/20
So we are feeling way impotent and out of control because this is the LAST episode of our 3-part Clueless saga! Do take a break from your busy pants-dropping schedule to tune into PART THREE, a free-for-all discussion of ALL our favorite scenes, plus a Clueless QUOTE-OFF competition! It’s basically a gorge full-on Monet that you don’t wanna miss. @[email protected]
Published 06/01/20
Haul ass to the kitchen and squeeze in extra place settings because it’s time for PART TWO of our three-part series on Clueless! The topic of today’s episode is: FRIENDSHIPS & RELATIONSHIPS. Is Cher and Dionne’s friendship deeper than being named after famous singers of the past who now do infomercials?  Does Mel Horowitz approve of his daughter dating his ex step-son? and how could Tai be SO naive about which car to take after the val party? Oh how innocent she looked with that...
Published 05/25/20
We are gasping for air from excitement, can someone please get us some sort of an herbal refreshment? This week the Betties start our 3-part episode journey to discuss the Tara Lipinksi of 90’s teen movies, the flawlessly scripted film that majorly shaped who we are today, and also the reason we started this podcast in the first place! As lifelong superfans, we cannot thank Amy Hecklerling enough for the 25 years of endless joy she has provided for us with this movie, and for bringing Paul...
Published 05/18/20
We thought we hated this movie. Then we watched it and realized that yeah we kind of did but that made it that much more fun. Ali Larter’s Dulcie turned out to be our hero alongside the heroic punching bag Designated Dave. Drive Me Crazy was a movie made to get us pumped for the iconic Britney Spears song, and we can’t be that mad at that. @[email protected]
Published 05/04/20
Kelly loves this movie. Betsy hates it. Listen to the Betties duke it out in our MOST CONTROVERSIAL PODCAST YET. Whichever side of the debate you land on, there is no doubt that Natasha Lyonne is the coolest actress of the 90s, and her performance in this movie proves it. Also starring Eugene Levy’s eyebrows. @[email protected]
Published 04/20/20
Published 04/20/20
A movie that makes us yearn for our teen years. Vintage cars, cello lessons, endlessly manipulative step-sibling incest, oh the days of yore how we miss thee! This week the Betties discuss the movie that is one of the top contenders for Most Awkward Movie Ever to Watch with Your Parents. The questions remain: What do Annette and Sebastian ACTUALLY have in common? Who made the sketchy writing decision to turn Ronald into the villain? and WHERE can we get Kathryn’s entire wardrobe?! One thing...
Published 04/06/20
Drew Barrymore at her Drewiest Barrymost! Find out which Betty identifies as a Josie Grossie and which one identifies as someone who dated the drummer from big bad voodoo daddies. Personally, I prefer to be known as the COLE SLAW KING OF THE WORLD! Come for the discussion of Josie’s pivotal dance scene, stay for the dissection of the morality of her relationship with HER TEACHER!! @[email protected]
Published 03/23/20
The chef’s kiss of smart teen flicks, also known as 10 Things I Love About Heath Ledger. Who didn’t fantasize about being serenaded at soccer practice and kissed passionately during a paintball battle? Join the Betties as we pour one out for Heath, dissect Julia Stiles’ 90s feminism, and simply bow in awe to this masterpiece. See you at Bogie Lowenstein’s party! That must be Nigel with the [email protected]@gmail.com
Published 03/09/20
Remember when you stopped wearing overalls and ponytails because Laney Boggs showed us that’s all you had to do to become the artistic counter culture queen of high school? As long as the bobos on your super freak body were properly ogled by some of teen movie’s frattiest soccer players you too could be Freddie Prinz Junior’s prize! Who is Gutenberg? Which Bettie is obsessed with Freddie? FIND OUT ON THIS [email protected]@gmail.com
Published 02/24/20
If you were a 20-something actor in the late 90’s and you didn’t have a small cameo in this movie, did you even really exist? Join the Betties as they kick off the first episode of the teen movies-themed season by discussing the ultimate 90’s teen party movie in all its combined glory *cough* Kenny Fisher *cough* and shame. Could Jenna Elfman have waited just ONE more minute to call her cab so Preston could get his chance with Barry Manilow? Are horny cousins in silk shirts always a red flag...
Published 02/10/20
Published 01/06/20