Why can't either of the hosts do a good Willie Tanner impersonation? Why do they keep trying? How many Gene Shalit costumes does it take to steal two million dollars? And i f you don't get a face to face with JB do you even exist?
Published 06/05/23
Do you leave an open place at the table for your favorite author? Who says pa-tah-do? Did Jess's attitude lower the temperature in Texas? And did you watch Rover McCauley P.I.?
Published 05/24/23
Published 05/24/23
Did the second Meatballs film bring big bucks to the wig industry? Why is Mort so free with his bowling shoes? Where would 'the bridge' be in a car? And is Lt Powell the biggest Chris Gains fan?
Published 05/11/23
Will we ever talk about the episode? What caused more dad-foot damage, four-sided dice or GI-Joe backpacks? Ice cream cakes or fancy chocolates? And where do you land on mall food sample etiquette?
Published 03/19/23
How effective is a limo as a getaway car? How dangerous are big fuzzy coats? Can Michael become 2 Legit 2 Quit? And why does an injection even rate when some lobster-bib rando is already going at your dad with a scalpel?
Published 02/28/23
When did this kind of hand gore become acceptable? Can mitten typing uncover a crime? Has the exploding piano conspiracy finally been revealed? And how awesome was it to know this is the last time we see Ben Devlin?
Published 02/03/23
How many pounds will a bedazzled singlet add to your total? Are ice cream and attempted murderers the secret to longevity? Is it impossible to be both good at crime solving and song writing? And who numbers their pages on the top right?
Published 01/28/23
Was Twain Con '90 the last Twain Con? Will Mad Kermit Energy be the next big thing? Can Stavros take a break from writing hit 80s hair band lyrics to throw Stanton an assist? And how many teeth does Erlich really have?
Published 01/24/23
Why is MSW's first murderer the least terrible guy in this episode? Why doesn't Ross work in criminal defense? Is Slocum ever going to do something about that sneeze? How do Linette and Kendall think they're fooling anyone? And why are they so gross?
Published 01/09/23
Is jealousy getting in the way of Clarence's wealth from a Wayne Gym juice display? Just how honest is a wooden drug store Abe? Is any shower head worth $99 in 1990's currency? And will Eve Simpson's reputation survive? Don't worry, it's all going to ...work out, hahaha, in 'A Body To Die For'.
Published 12/27/22
Can't JB just let it go? What was Rocco's resume like? Will the Finleys consider Sid Staples as a replacement driver since he is now out of work? And why would you use a known kleptomaniac as the face of your campaign for DA? The espisode that would have gotten away with it if not for that damned cat, The Family Jewels.
Published 12/24/22
Layers of manipulation and deciet envelope us as we are drawn into Hannigan's Wake. And lots of jerks.
Published 12/04/22
Cool cars, uncool lawyers, cool investigators, uncool marriages, and a super cool Stanton show up in an episode without a court to be seen.
Published 11/26/22
Put on your chapstick, finish that poem, and don't forget to bring your grandma because we're falling off our bicycles from the excitment of Deadly Misunderstanding!
Published 11/16/22
Chef Beck burns eclairs and Gerry burns bridges, while Ray's entire belief structure is challenged.  
Published 11/07/22
Jennie's lunch room is discussed, the new "Dinner Table Appropriateness" scale is introduced and then we talk about the season six's episodes and some of your comments. 
Published 10/27/22
Long cons from Sicily to Geneva, cousin versus cousin, terrible accents and fake true crime.
Published 10/22/22
Some Exciting stunts. A fake captain, a new bike. The Szechuan Dragon.
Published 10/07/22
The Crow. The Horse. The basement. The bride?
Published 09/21/22
Was Stanton the first podcaster? Will Damien change his name to "Stun"? Will Elaine talk Monica into The Big Salad? And what does Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Burt Reynolds have to do with any of this?  
Published 09/11/22
An immature leading man, a creepy dysfunctional relationship, a bad fake mustache and a reminder to never drop your pencil on a break.
Published 09/02/22
We're off the rails and neither of us likes the episode enough to rein each other in, also, we occasionally talk about The Big Show Of 1965.
Published 08/23/22
Real Estate. Fake Howard.
Published 08/10/22
We talk stocks, golf versus gulf, and high definition heartsmart beginnings while learning 'How To Make A Killing Without really Trying'.
Published 08/06/22