Island mansions, rich jerks, money grubbers, fortune hunting con men and terrible family relations abound during A Test Of Wills.
Published 05/22/22
Stanton being awesome, hair metal terminator and The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Police Uniform, If you like Giorgi0 you'll love When The Fat Lady Sings.
Published 05/07/22
Published 05/07/22
Cabot Cove jerks, flammable solvents, friend-zoned firemen, the worst designed sign that MSW has ever featured and a title drop done by a woman paining a portrait of a fisherman all wrapped up with a slightly more caffeinated take on the usual CCC nonsense , it's Dead Letter!
Published 04/30/22
Jack and Bill, Mullet and The Man, news-camera guns and bottle bombs, it's the first bookend we've enjoyed and it's awesome!
Published 02/22/22
We start at the end but was Jessica wrong about who did it? Do we care?  Also, Damien talks a little too much about answering machines and Jennie tells us tales of internet dating.
Published 01/26/22
We've got late night cloak walks, giant knives, blood covered boats, comic book loving lawmen, wind breaker loving scumbags and rag doll physics wheelchair drops as Donald Barnes rethinks voluntary temporary assignments while under the Seal Of The Confessional!
Published 12/26/21
From Paris to Athens, but never to Cairo. A story of failed and spoiled travel, spies, murder, bird voice talent and stuff.
Published 12/01/21
2:42 to skip the Lou. It's the Season Five recap and podcast wrap up along with some callbacks and goofing off! Thanks everybody!!
Published 06/27/21
It's the Season 5 ender!
Published 06/16/21
Major league. Small park. Purple dream shirt. The Bellman. Baseball. Broken glass.
Published 06/11/21
Mistaken-Identity-but-not-really-a-mistake-but-maybe-still-not-cool-to-bring-up-to-a-possibly-grieving-widow energy abounds when Man-At-Arms sends an unqualified rumpled man to tail Jess in Double Exposure! And Harry's back!
Published 06/03/21
Debates about bears and big game as well as a discussion about the financial benefits of substituting Fulci for babysitter bills.  All that and some terrible family stuff!
Published 05/07/21
Hard opinions on the Karate kid series and Limp Bizkit serve as the bread in this Sins Of Castle Cove recap sandwich.
Published 04/15/21
Black and white flashbacks, unreliable narratives, obvious paternity secrets, motorcycle tough-guys and bitter-sweet news about the podcasts future. We're covering Truck Stop and its ...okay!
Published 04/08/21
Is a bachelor's degree still valid post-marriage? Where is the link between Argento and Kolchaka? And what is the story with faculty/student relations in the MSW universe? It's lies, murder, inappropriate relationships, bad decisions and more lies, it's Alma Murder!
Published 03/25/21
Is Iranian caviar as delicious as it is easy to import? Was the cypher designed for someone with no knowledge of cyphers to figure out? Did JB secretly miss the almond nougat that was replaced with microfilm? And what does any of this have to do with reptile parks? It's time for a Zmed-ucation with the episode that two out of two hosts agree is better when you don't fall asleep before the ending, From Russsia ...With Blood!
Published 03/18/21
Are there no tree removal services in Cabot Cove? Is a pilgrim dress the 3rd piece in a suit? How did Adam's rep survive after the toaster-tech attack of 1985? And will Jonas be able to find love at the bus station again? Ghosts for hire, rock-star exorcists and fire hazards causing anxiety? Calm down, Little Ricky's on the case for Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble!
Published 03/11/21
Can Latimer get any props for being the first person to bust a JB ruse by recognizing her book jacket photo? What crucial part of the plot was Noodles the dog playing? And will Damien become a time-travelling foot model? Get out your morgue snacks and meet us downtown, it's time for unnecessary procedures and dog accessorization with some Smooth Operators!
Published 03/04/21
How many episodes in a row will feature an estranged wife pulling a firearm on her con man spouse? Would this episode have been better with Pauly Shore? Is Danny a beautiful slob? And does Roger Philby stay up at night thinking of zingers? Oh no, they killed Michael Beck! Meet us at the mansion to compare sweaters and scars but leaves your smokes at home, it's The Search For Peter Kerry!
Published 02/26/21
Will we ever hear of the Starlight Lounge again? How can two people lose one set of keys so many times? Was Vivian Jennie's favorite character ever? What exactly does Miles believe happened? And does Jess still have that red top? Place your bets, tell the party to go home, and Weave A Tangled Web!
Published 02/19/21
What was Harriet's temperature anyway? Is Damien sponsored by the Whitman's Sampler? Will Ziggy ever find another companion to discuss his mother with? Did Clara ever get to try the food? And will Slocum be invited to the next big event? Modern weddings are all pork balls, black coffee and 'Something Borrowed, Someone Blue'!
Published 02/12/21
Will Francesco's exploits end his career as a party psychic? Did Jill hone her skills by scamming Stevie Nicks fans into buying knock-off tambourines and scarves? Was Ben secretly a stone-cold hitman who didn't Del because he doesn't work for free? And will JB ever try that recipe Lee offered her? Chew your toast carefully and put your romantic quandaries aside, its Prediction: Murder!
Published 02/05/21
Would Frank have really dropped the caddy off the plane if given half a chance (we think so)? Has Dressler ever met someone he couldn't offend? Is Rossi king of the long con? And will Mrs. Havermeyer notice those holes in the trunk? Heat up the hot plate while JB throws a sick burn, we're talking season 5, episode 7; The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel.
Published 01/29/21
Does Diane just try too hard? Is this Blackthorn's first job? Did Laszlo think the Queen of Tara Tiara replica-replica was his ticket out of the friend zone? Was there ever a moment Andrea considered doing the right thing? And will Ken stop creepily hanging around Siobhan's apartment now? Trigger the alarm and blow the doors out, we're talking Wearing Of The Green!
Published 01/22/21