Is Annie OK, is she ok, is she ok, Annie? Is Alien Ant Farm ok? Is Richie’s lameness genetic? How long will Damien be able to hold back Hulk Danzig? Which of his jobs is Armand the most incompetent at? Will we find out in the next 'found' Anne Rice book? And what’s the story with DeVere?
Published 05/12/24
Published 05/12/24
Where's Kevin Maxwell? Is he with Devin? Could the Grandma debate be the highlight of season 7? Can prop houses be evil or does Ben just want JB to think he's cool? Are dollar movies worth the bats? And did you notice the shoes?
Published 04/30/24
Should you bring a wind machine to your new town? What’s your stance on stranger foot rubs? Most obvious wig award? Is Rob Zombie an MSW fan? Why would a stealth ninja / fake witch leave both finger prints AND a flower pedal signature? And is it weird that CSI:CC spun off from a show that didn’t premiere for nearly a decade?
Published 03/18/24
What kind of charm does Geoffrey possess? Is bolo on a Bolo the new high fashion or just a symptom of self-sent roses? How is Barry going to handle finding out that the stage maintenance was a ruse to smoke out the killer? And is our terrible Hulk Hogan impersonation more dead than the ballerinas who dance the lead in this show?
Published 03/10/24
Can Damien say Lermentov? What are Jennie's thought on horse ownership? Does Michael's story match his actions? How fast can you read an entire mystery novel? And what would you even call someone who owns horses?
Published 02/19/24
Who is Chuckles Wryly? Can you tell a railroad tie from a railroad spike, and which is worse for the hairline? Is Phil Arkham the most likable villain or just a man speaking truth to power? Would you forgive a beloved family pet over a beloved family member? And did MSW steal the seat position clue from a classic Pauly Shore film? 
Published 02/03/24
Was Eddie ever majoring in anything besides bus station cons and young girlfriends? Is crossing Diesel and Angel a good idea? Would Hulk Hogan be better as JB or as Michelle Tanner? Are compacts still a thing? And what are you going to do when Pastamania runs wild on you?
Published 01/22/24
How short a trip is too short for a private jet flight? How old is Scott? Why are polo helmets so goofy? How young is Scott? And is Dane the worst at buisness, polo, blackmail or all three?
Published 12/27/23
Would you watch a knot tying competition show? Have you been a good boy? Why didn't they just do a cold case episode? What's Mothman's glute routine? And how did Damien feel about this one?
Published 12/14/23
What is Linda's level of employment? Why is auerbach such a jerk? Is Damien's meta old man rant the meta old man rant to end them all? And do we believe that Michael didn't know those computers were stolen?
Published 11/25/23
How many times is Pat Hingle going to play this same dude? Are convertibles a genetic Metzger trait? Is Wayne pretty much the pinnacle catch in Cabot Cove? And why does Damien keep yelling, ‘full of bees!’?
Published 11/12/23
How many gigawatts does it take to run a tv? Is Girard the worst? Is Brent the weirdest? And how loud is that hotub?
Published 10/11/23
Is there a minimum harumphing age? What will we learn in Corey Feldman's criminolgy class? Did we uncover Banksy's identity? And how does one end up in a chain letter?
Published 09/26/23
Should we let you know when we're funny? When did Seth aquire this newfound sense of risk? How long will we talk about our old apartments? And do supermodels change shape when dressed as ninjas?
Published 09/14/23
Can we build an entire episode out of your Insagram comments? How long would it have taken for Jess to figure out that Bob was working through Leland? Is your least liked episode our favorite? And will all this Liver King material land?
Published 08/26/23
Where's the Amish scarecrow episode? Did Richard Survive this episode? Why don't we like this episode? Why couldn't Pat Harrigton have a mustache in this episode? And will every question end with the word 'episode'?
Published 08/15/23
Is this emotional terrorism, an amazing episode, or both? Is Clint absent minded or way too stuck on being Frank's wingman? How specific are Damien's dish detergent requirements? And why didn't The Dracula Bun take off as the premiere women's hairstyle of the 90s?
Published 07/31/23
Can three people live off of a part-time ventriloquist's salary? What is a puppet's opinion on communal living? Was Kate's murder overshadowed by the disappearance of Billy Boy or was Billy Boy's disappearance overshadowed by Kate's murder? And can Stanton expense his dinner with Rhoda?
Published 07/13/23
How many times does someone say Ned Jenks? Was the cannery bill a big waste of time since it closed anyway? What's the sasquatch ratio in the northwestern USA? How far did thirty five cents go in 1971? And can you find the bride in a hippie wedding photo?
Published 06/28/23
How do you feel about horse voices? Is McGraw or Henderson your favorite Harry? Why did that cane get so bloody? Can a three letter Tod be trusted? Should Christie move or just stay single? And do horses know their children's future? 
Published 06/19/23
Why can't either of the hosts do a good Willie Tanner impersonation? Why do they keep trying? How many Gene Shalit costumes does it take to steal two million dollars? And i f you don't get a face to face with JB do you even exist?
Published 06/05/23
Do you leave an open place at the table for your favorite author? Who says pa-tah-do? Did Jess's attitude lower the temperature in Texas? And did you watch Rover McCauley P.I.?
Published 05/24/23
Did the second Meatballs film bring big bucks to the wig industry? Why is Mort so free with his bowling shoes? Where would 'the bridge' be in a car? And is Lt Powell the biggest Chris Gains fan?
Published 05/11/23
Will we ever talk about the episode? What caused more dad-foot damage, four-sided dice or GI-Joe backpacks? Ice cream cakes or fancy chocolates? And where do you land on mall food sample etiquette?
Published 03/19/23