5 Important Reminders You Should Hear
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In today's episode I discuss five timeless important reminders that cover many aspects of life! I highly recommend tuning in to this one. (: TikTok: catvolcy¬† IG: catvolcy¬† Extra Info: https://msha.ke/catherineevolcy/¬† Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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In today's episode I discuss the importance of not remaining hostage to an identity. Identity can be defined as, the qualities, beliefs, personality traits, and distinguishing character of an individual. I reflect on the fact that the woman I am today would not exist if I kept myself hostage to...
Published 01/29/23
In today's episode I discuss how I'm healing my relationship with my body, food, and movement. My goal around addressing this topic is to provide insight, advice, and encouragement through sharing the changes I have made. My intention is never to trigger anyone or cause harm, but this topic is...
Published 01/20/23
Published 01/20/23