Don't Self-Sabotage: Allow Yourself To Experience Greater
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hiii everyone! In today's episode I discuss the importance of allowing yourself to experience greater and pushing back against self-sabotage. I believe this topic can apply to every aspect of our lives. I understand that when greater is presented and we aren't used to greater, there is an urge to run, retreat, avoid, and even attack. I talk about how to challenge these thoughts, tune in if this is something you struggle with! (:
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hiii y'all! In today's episode I unpack 23 lessons I've learned before turning 23! My birthday is this Monday so I felt this was the perfect episode to bring in this week! Tune in to hear insightful advice on a variety of topics! (: IG: catvolcy TikTok: catvolcy Business Inquiries:...
Published 08/12/23
hiii everybody! In today’s episode I discuss the importance of releasing judgement and valuing compassion. I believe throughout life we are surrounded by judgmental commentary far too often and we don’t recognize the immense impact this can have on our subconscious thought patterns. I unpack what...
Published 07/08/23
Published 07/08/23