Another children's story like you've never heard before. In this story Snow White is conceived by the wish of a woman with unrealistic views on beauty. The Queen (Snow Whites step mother) is marred only by her mirror stating the she is no longer the most "normal" of all. The seven drawfs can't stand Snow White and what 'Doc' does to her is beyond belief! This story is obviously adapted for an adult audience so contains foul language and produces images more suited to an adult. If you like...
Published 03/12/22
Published 03/12/22
Ever wondered why Jack & Jill kept attempting the same periless journey and then each time meeting the same fate? No? Well, me neither. Ever wondered why Jack tries to heal himself with Vinegar and brown paper? No? Me neither. What I did wonder was... "why the hell doesn't he help Jill?!" Children's rhymes are meant to produce some moralistic meaning. In the case of Jack & Jill, repeat dangerous tasks, use idiotic remedies and be entirely selfish.
Published 11/21/21
Does it really take a village to raise a child? Well not in this village. Wilful negligence & ignorance is key in this story, which results in a needless tragic death of an overworked shepherd boy. The villagers should be ashamed of themselves. This is story telling with a difference. Don't like fairytales? Me neither. 
Published 10/19/21
Her mum is careless, she is care free and her grandma doesn't care for hygiene. It will only end in disaster. The wolf is just an opportunist and the woodsman is scared of big wolves dressed in drag! No one is going to rescue this Little Red Riding Hood. If you like this story and want to hear more, please follow us. We are on all major listening platforms. "Children's stories for adults" will be bringing a whole range of stories to you in the coming months, inspired by well...
Published 05/22/21
So you think you thought you knew the real '3 little pigs' story? Well you were wrong! The truth is far too grizzly for children, perhaps far too grizzly for some adults as well. So take this as your warning! This story contains foul language and graphic description of swine deaths. Oh, the wolf is a little sick in the head too. Mother pig has had enough of the crap coming from her 3 little s***s so she boots them out. Here is where the story of morality begins and... probably ends too.
Published 05/19/21