Lidia's Family Table: The Life and Times of Lidia Bastianich
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Lidia Bastianich grew up under Tito's communist rule, escaped to a refugee camp in Trieste and finally made it to Queens, where she learned to love Spam, Jell-O and Wonder Bread. She talks about the early years on her grandmother's farm, where she slept on a corn-husk mattress, ate pig's blood sausage and fresh fig jam, and realized that the secret to happiness is having less, not more. Plus, we discover turkey skin ice cream with Salt & Straw's Tyler Malek; discuss the ethics of cooking lobsters; and whip up molletes, Mexico’s take on grilled cheese. For this week's recipe, molletes, visit: This week's sponsors: Scholarships at the New England Culinary Institute are still available for the Fall 2019 semester. Apply today or learn more at Go to to see King Arthur Flour’s complete line of products.
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