Ep 149 Pivoting from In-Person Speaking Events to an Online Presence with Juju Hook
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We're all navigating a world that is requiring us to communicate through screens more than ever before. That means public speakers who were once used to a stage are now having to present themselves through a camera. If you made money as a public speaker or used public speaking to sell your business, you've likely had to re-evaluate your strategy in a big way. My guest today is Juju Hook, a consultant, coach, and speaker who once used in-person events to promote her business. Today, her business looks much different.  We discuss: Juju’s big career switch in midlife and what inspired it How switching careers has made her see herself differently How Juju pivoted her business away from speaking on stages and toward virtual packages The new way she is helping her clients navigate the current business climate The marketing tools Juju used to engage her customers in new ways Juju’s major learnings from re-strategizing and rethinking her business this year What she will do differently in her business based on what she learned in 2020 Download Juju’s free self-assessment: “Discover Your Essence of Influence” You can find her branding blog at StrategicJuju.com and her program for PrimeTime women at PositivelyPrimeTime.com.
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