Ep 175 Simple Daily Habits for Wellness with Pam Victor
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Did you know that in 30 seconds to one minute per day you could improve your wellness and well-being? It's true! In fact, today's guest says the smaller the changes are that you make to your life, the better results you will have. Quit trying to incorporate every healing modality under the sun only to feel frustrated and disappointed with yourself. Taking a few minutes a day can be transformative for your overall wellness and today's guest will show you how.  Pam Victor is a happiness coach, professional improviser, and founder of Happier Valley Comedy, the first and only comedy theater in Western Massachusetts which provides regular shows, a full-curriculum comedy training program, and the THROUGH LAUGHTER Program for professional and personal development...and happiness! On today’s episode, Pam walks us through a couple simple techniques you can start using today to improve your well-being. Her philosophy is that if it doesn’t bring joy and ease, why do it? So instead of dreading a wellness routine, you’ll learn how to look forward to it! You’ll learn more about her new online wellness program launching May 8th, Resilience Through Joy: The 30-Day Happiness Experiment, and the benefits it provides. To learn more about it and enter the drawing for a free spot, visit www.happiervalley.com. More about Pam: Pam Victor is also a teacher, corporate facilitator, TEDx speaker, author of "Baj and the Word Launcher" and "Improvisation at the Speed of Life," a recipient of The New England Public Radio Arts & Humanities Award, mother of two adult daughters, and she likes you already. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
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