Weather and politics are two of our first topics today, followed by a test ride aboard a Hyperloop vehicle. Then, we're exploring pet adoption in the Covid era.
Published 11/11/20
A U.S. drugmaker says its vaccine shows promise, a storm leaves behind destruction in Central America, and a Native American tribe promotes prescribed burning.
Published 11/09/20
U.S. media project a winner in the 2020 presidential election, and CNN Hero uses his organization to provide free adventure experiences to healthcare workers.
Published 11/09/20
Two U.S. candidates discuss the vote, a study looks into teens' screen time, a company aims to improve bees' nutrition, and a baby rhino makes his debut.
Published 11/06/20
This Thursday, some U.S. presidential election results, the hearing ability of certain spiders, and two towns with a puzzling fit are our main topics.
Published 11/05/20
On Election Day in America, we're explaining some possible complications with the voting process, the weather's impact on turnout, and the sounds of space.
Published 11/04/20
The U.S. presidential election, the landfall of Hurricane Eta, the reopening of a World Heritage site, and an asteroid's hypothetical value are today's topics.
Published 11/04/20
English lawmakers debate another national lockdown, a deadly earthquake strikes Turkey and Greece, and we explain a "morning daylight" advantage to falling back.
Published 11/02/20
A U.S. economic measure sets a record for growth, a firefighting robot aims to save lives, and Nigeria's first female mechanic helps others learn the trade.
Published 10/30/20
Today's show covers storms in Vietnam and the U.S., international travel in the era of coronavirus, and a newly discovered reef that's the size of a skyscraper.
Published 10/28/20
The history of voting in America, the new theories about water on the moon, and the ways you can verify the news you read online are some of today's topics!
Published 10/27/20
One week from Election Day, we're checking in on polling and early voting. News concerning the Supreme Court, space exploration, and a bygone era follows.
Published 10/26/20
Destroying a nest of murder hornets, providing RVs to wildfire victims, and changing plans for Halloween are three of today's topics on CNN 10.
Published 10/26/20
U.S. presidential candidates face off for the last time, we examine the impact of fires in California, and a super-strong beetle survives crushing weights.
Published 10/25/20
U.S. presidential candidates face off for the last time, we examine the impact of fires in California, and a super-strong beetle survives crushing weights.
Published 10/23/20
Flooding claims lives and homes in Vietnam, U.S. candidates prepare for a "muted" debate, and an American company works on a type of biodegradable material.
Published 10/22/20
The U.S. government files a lawsuit against the Google tech company, and new technology helps ocean researchers live closer to the areas they want to study.
Published 10/21/20
An explanation of the Electoral College is today's first topic. It's followed by reports on coronavirus cases in Europe and a trio of space headlines.
Published 10/20/20
A flare-up of violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the work of a CNN Hero to bring music to senior citizens, and a bacon-scented mask are today's topics.
Published 10/18/20
Coronavirus cases rise in most U.S. states, a La NiƱa forms in the Pacific, thousands more satellites are headed for space, and a "squidbot" takes to the sea.
Published 10/16/20
Today's show reports on the balance of power in Congress, the science behind cloud seeding, new space research, and a possible slip 'n slide record.
Published 10/14/20
Facebook makes a policy change related to Holocaust content, CNN election trackers explain how they project results, and U.S. scientists track murder hornets.
Published 10/14/20
Coronavirus headlines from several countries, early voting in America, a virtual tour of Dubai, and a record-setting T. rex are today's topics on CNN 10.
Published 10/12/20
This Monday's topics include the U.S. landfall of Hurricane Delta, a military parade in East Asia, and a CNN Hero's quarantine with 54 children in Nepal.
Published 10/11/20
Louisiana braces for the landfall of another named storm, questions surround the U.S. presidential debate schedule, and a blue moon is set for Halloween.
Published 10/09/20