UNLOCKED: Swan Song Series 3 | Listening to Teal Swan’s Mom and Dad
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Some of the most valuable material that come to us from Paula Marino's Open Shadow film of 2017 is an extended interview with Swan's parent's, the Bosworths. They speak about Swan's sensory sensitivity as a young child, and how that morphed into a staunchly independent but sometimes isolated social life. They describe Swan's secret runic writing, their belief in her capacities as a medical intuitive, and discuss the gaps in psychiatric care that failed them all when her mental health needed help. This episode examines this interview, and then cross-checks some aspects against the account of Swan's childhood friend, Diana Hansen Ribera. Here we have the unique insight into parents speaking vulnerably and transparently about their baffling child—which means we can really lean into the primal material that pre-exists the charged questions about whether Teal Swan is  running a cult or encouraging suicide. What we find, between the accounts of the Bosworths and Ribera, is a collection of commonplace phenomena: high sensitivity, parents learning as they go, the intrusion of internet pornography, and a likely abusive figure who was too close to the family.  In this episode, Matthew and Julian discuss the mystery of familial memory, idealizing vs. pathologizing children, the appeals of fantasy as a mode of relief, whether the Satanic Panic was a collective cry for help to resolve commonplace domestic and community abuse, and the possibility that cult formation is a social form of post traumatic play.  Open Shadow — Paula Marino Do You Cry Easily? You May Be a 'Highly Sensitive Person' - WSJ The science behind why some of us are shy - BBC Future Study: Pornography does not cause violent sex crimes | UTSA Today When Children Act Out Sexually: A Guide for Parents and Teachers - Canada.ca 1607: Growing up with Teal Swan - Diana Hansen Ribera - Mormon Stories “Forbidden Games”: Post-Traumatic Child's Play — Lenore Terr Valerie L. Dripchak (2007). Posttraumatic Play: Towards Acceptance and Resolution. , 35(2), 125–134. doi:10.1007/s10615-006-0068-y -- -- -- Stay in touch with us on Twitter: @derekberes @julianmwalker @matthewremski On Instagram: @conspiripod All original music by EarthRise SoundSystem
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