Jamie (@wee_rogue) & Simon (@analytic_fpl) get into lots of teams and go off on tangents about our models. We discuss Chelsea, Brighton, Newcastle, Liverpool, Forest, Leicester, Fulham, Manchester United, Arsenal & Leeds. As well as Tuchel & Potter. We also talk about FPL on our FPL podcast (!), why Jamie shouldn't have played, the Salah/Haaland debacle and how to evaluate your FPL play. Enjoy!
Published 09/08/22
The Corridor of Uncertainty lads join Sertalp as guests on his pod FPL Optimized. We get into all sorts: why we did the podcast, whether to play the game, and some nerdy stuff about solvers. Enjoy.
Published 07/23/22
@analytic_fpl and @wee_rogue are back with episode 9, and we're joined by the wonderful @FPL_Chase! We chat about all sorts, and pick the brains of one of the best managers around. We also talk about the Hivemind team, and a little on chip strategy, which uh we recorded before the big DGW26 was announced but it's somehow still relevant. Enjoy!
Published 02/08/22
Jamie & Simon are back and get into: - The dilemma of owning Ronaldo in FPL in light of the rape allegations - How teams are shaping up this season, and why Jamie's model loved Brentford pre-season - Jamie rants about the FPL FDR - Players with a strong early season leap in the numbers...how do we evaluate that? Further reading on the allegations against...
Published 09/23/21
Jamie (@wee_rogue) and Simon (@analytic_fpl) are back! They get into Simon's model rebuild, why play FPL and the landscape of the season ahead. Enjoy!
Published 08/13/21
Simon & Jamie regroup and get into: - The role of ownership in decision making - Doubles madness - & your questions. It's a loose one, enjoy.
Published 02/19/21
MERRY CHRISTMAS As a present here's episode 5. Jamie & Simon are joined by @FPL_Salah and we get into: - Keeping FPL simple - The "infamous" FPL transfer hub - Price points - Wildcard strategy - Keeping sane playing FPL
Published 12/25/20
Jamie and Simon are joined by the legend that is FPL Review. We get into review's model, modelling minutes, manager skill, WC strategies, Bruno Fernandes (again!), Diogo Jota... And much more. It's a long one.
Published 11/19/20
Jamie & Simon digest a crazy first 4 GWs of FPL. We get into what we can learn about teams and players since the season start, hits - are they good?, And the dilemma of Timo Werner. Enjoy!
Published 10/15/20
Jamie (@rogue_wee) and Simon (@analytic_fpl) bring you a bonus episode. We get into where to find your data, how our models work, how to weight new data and avoiding getting drunk on your own model. Enjoy!
Published 09/25/20
Simon and Jamie kick off the Corridor of Uncertainty by getting into a range of topics, including how they got into FPL, being torturted by Bruno Fernandes and Leeds being really good. Enjoy!
Published 09/10/20