Part 2 - Murder Most Pointless - Lynn Duggan & Patti Ducharme (BC)
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Brock Graham murders again and is finally caught. He continues lying about Lynn Duggan's murder until he's confronted by her family, face to face.
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Strictly Stalking tells the true stories of stalking through conversations with victims of stalking. Each week hosts Jaimie Beebe and Jake Deptula dive into unique stalking cases, interviewing stalker, victims, and anyone involved in the case. Subscribe to Strictly Stalking on iTunes, or wherever...
Published 04/03/20
In a tragedy that shook Canada and the rest of the hockey playing world, just before 5:00pm on April 6, 2018, the team bus of the Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey team smashed into a semi that had just blown through a stop at the intersection of Saskatchewan highways 35 and 335. Of the the 29...
Published 03/30/20
Episode 117 - In this away game Mike and Scott explore the wacky world of the origins of Hollow Earth movement. We hear about Captain John Cleves Symmes Jr's desires for an expedition to the hole in the North Pole, Cyrus Reed Teed's Hollow Earth cult in Florida and Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd's...
Published 03/23/20