Close to Home - The Murder of Heather Thomas (BC)
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Episode 116 - The last time Heather Thomas's dad Pat saw his ten year old daughter alive was on the afternoon of October 1, 2000 when she went outside to play around their Cloverdale, BC, townhouse complex. After one the largest searches in RCMP history to that point, it was a hitchhiker who found Heather's body floating facedown in Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Park. Heather had been murdered and the community was shocked when they found out it had been one of their own who had done the terrible deed. Sources and Further Reading: R. v. Ertmoed, 2006 BCCA 365 (CanLII), R. v. Ertmoed, 2002 BCSC 806 (CanLII), R. v. Ertmoed, 2002 BCSC 1848 (CanLII), [vLex - R. v. Ertmoed (S.R.), (2006) 229 B.C.A.C. 168 (CA)] [vLex]- R. v. Ertmoed (S.R.), [2002] B.C.T.C. 1847 (SC)]  [Ertmoed gets life for murdering little girl - The Globe and Mail] [The Cloverdale Market | Your Weekly Treasure Hunt] [Resources & Research: Abducted then Murdered Children –]  “Heather” by Pete Cross from the Behind the Yellow Tape blog [5 Oct 2000, 20 - The Vancouver Sun at] [6 Oct 2000, 3 - Surrey Leader at] [23 Oct 2000, 1 - The Province at] [30 Oct 2000, 21 - The Province at] [4 Nov 2000, 1 - The Vancouver Sun at] [5 Nov 2000, 12 - The Province at] [7 Nov 2000, 1 - The Vancouver Sun at] [7 Nov 2000, 19 - The Windsor Star at] [8 Nov 2000, 3 - Surrey Leader at] [17 Nov 2000, 5 - Surrey Leader at] [30 Aug 2002, 6 - The Province at]() [The Life of a Curious Girl: Heather Thomas] [Surrey child killer applies for early parole under faint-hope clause that has since been repealed – Surrey Now-Leader] Support the show.
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