Date Yourself Instead
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If you're ready to step into your POWER in 2024, this episode is for you. JOIN THE DARE TO DETACH MASTERCLASS HERE DOORS OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR NEW MEMBERS ON DECEMBER 19TH, 2023.
Published 12/11/23
A reminder to focus on you, because you have one f*cking life to live. Stop making someone else the main focus of your orbit. You are the SUN. You deserve to be front and center in your own movie. Xoxo. JOIN THE DARE TO DETACH MASTERCLASS (DOORS OPEN DECEMBER 19TH) Use code SELFLOVE for a...
Published 12/04/23
DETACHMENT SPEEDS UP MANIFESTATION. When you truly let go, miracles happen. I WANT YOU TO UPLEVEL. UPGRADE. DETACH. BE FREE. BE F*CKING HAPPY. Because...why not? If you need a little push or a sign from the universe, this episode is for YOU. Detach to attract. LINK TO THE DARE TO DETACH...
Published 11/27/23