How to trust your higher self and divine calling - a breakup pep talk
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This episode discusses how to the process of your life and how to tap in to your higher self so you can live to your fullest potential. In this episode, I also dive into several story times about my past relationships and the lessons I learned over the recent solar eclipse. It's time to step into your power and really acknowledge that in her voice that's calling you to do more and TRUST in your future. JOIN MY MASTERCLASS DARE TO DETACH Doors open in May. You can sign up for the waitlist if the doors are currently closed for the masterclass.
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In this episode - I cover a WILD Bali dating story time that ultimately made me realize how much healing I have left to do and how I need to take this trip as a true opportunity to focus on myself! I also talk about all the steps I take to help my manifestations come to fruition, and I explain...
Published 05/20/24
Published 05/20/24
Hello from Bali! In this episode, I cover why trusting your intuition and trust in your higher self is always the best way to go when exploring a relationship that keeps you feeling stuck. I also dive into this concept of what true love really means to me and why excepting someone for who they...
Published 05/12/24