Published 12/11/23
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Published 12/11/23
A reminder to focus on you, because you have one f*cking life to live. Stop making someone else the main focus of your orbit. You are the SUN. You deserve to be front and center in your own movie. Xoxo. JOIN THE DARE TO DETACH MASTERCLASS (DOORS OPEN DECEMBER 19TH) Use code SELFLOVE for a discount, exclusively for the podcast listeners.
Published 12/04/23
DETACHMENT SPEEDS UP MANIFESTATION. When you truly let go, miracles happen. I WANT YOU TO UPLEVEL. UPGRADE. DETACH. BE FREE. BE F*CKING HAPPY. Because...why not? If you need a little push or a sign from the universe, this episode is for YOU. Detach to attract. LINK TO THE DARE TO DETACH COURSE Download instantly and get started on creating your dream life. Also be sure to sign up for my free meditation and reframe worksheet. With all the love and gratitude, Lyss
Published 11/27/23
Being alone during the holiday season or any celebration day in general can feel like sh*t, let's just be honest. HOWEVER, it can also be empowering and fun if you make it that way - which is why I created this episode. TIS THE SEASON to embrace yourself and love yourself even more. I love you lots. Here is the link to my masterclass, use code selflove for a discount. xx Lyss JOIN DARE TO DETACH MASTERCLASS Remember to use code "selflove" for $ off the course - exclusive for my podcast...
Published 11/20/23
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Published 11/13/23
Why do we procrastinate?  I was the queen of procrastination and I would always assume things would just happen for me, but YOU NEED TO take action to get results and become your best self. Stop putting shit off! ;) I love you. Much love. Xoxo, Lyss. JOIN DARE TO DETACH - DOORS OPEN NOV 11TH Use code "selflove" for a discount when you join us. DOORS OPEN NOVEMBER 11TH FOR ALL NEW MEMBERS. You can also stay updated on instagram @daretodetach for all things about the course.
Published 11/06/23
Do you know how special and important you are??? Do you know how much you bring to the table? NO ONE IS YOU and that is your superpower. In this episode, I discuss ways to level up, create boundaries, know your worth and much more. The Dare to Detach MASTERCLASS doors open November 16th, 2023 for new clients! Learn more HERE. Use code "selflove" for $20 off the course when you join us. I can't wait for you to level up even more and step into your power, let go of the toxic BS, and join our...
Published 10/30/23
Rejection is redirection - everyone has dealt with rejection at a point. Sometimes the universe is here to just guide you into a much bigger and better situation that you could've even imagined for yourself. In this episode, I dive into a dating story time about a guy who got me hooked on him and then ghosted me - ultimately leaving me feeling rejected, hurt, and embarrassed. I also talk about how to know your value and how it was fairly easy for me to overcome this situation after time had...
Published 10/26/23
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Published 10/16/23
In this episode, I talk about the power of being direct, forward and just communicating versus running from your problems - especially when it comes to dating. Sometimes I've been anxious or afraid to speak my truth because of the fear of messing things up. But, as of recently, that changed. Here's everything I've learned about being honest and direct about my feelings. If you enjoyed this episode, always dm me @lyss and let me know your feedback. Love you xx.
Published 10/16/23
Become a mastermind and manifest anything or anyone you want with just a simple mindset. Trust the process baby. You've got this. If you enjoyed this episode, dm me on instagram and check out the new masterclass, Dare to Detach, coming October 11th! My new masterclass coming out October 11th. instagram.com/daretodetach My personal ig: instagram.com/lyss
Published 10/09/23
If I'm dating you, you better bring the same vibes and energy to the f*cking table. If you don't reply to me for days, it's not the vibe. If you could go 48 hours without a reply...it's a no. Here are some of my dealbreakers, my opinions on matching energy in dating, and alllll the coverage on masculine versus feminine energy. If you enjoyed this episode, dm me @lyss and feel free to share it - it helps the pod grow. I appreciate you xx
Published 10/02/23
If you're in a sticky situation where you are attached to someone but you just can't seem to let them go, this episode covers the major warning signs and red flags that I personally feel could make or break a relationship. These are some of my dealbreakers that I find are helpful when deciding when to leave a relationship. In the second half of this episode, I talk about my views on sex and intimacy for the first time ever on the pod, and my perspective on casual hookups. If you enjoyed this...
Published 09/25/23
SURPRISE to the video episode :) It's the 1 year anniversary of DATE YOURSELF INSTEAD baby!!! Wow. I can't believe just one year ago I started the podcast and it became what it is today. In this episode, I discuss my mental health journey, as well as this idea of your THOUGHTS creating your reality. Thinking positively about your life and yourself, and your future...is SO essential in order to live the life of your dreams. I hope you love this episode, and let me know if you want more videos....
Published 09/11/23
Self love leads to true love. There is some wholesome loving content on today's episode. This is your reminder that you deserve true, deep, unconditional love. You deserve peace and safety. You deserve to feel secure in a relationship. Xoxo, Lyss 3
Published 09/04/23
It's easy to lose focus when you're so fixated on someone else. But baby, you have to remember that YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER. When it comes to relationships, we often dilute our power and give our energy away instead of directing it towards OURSELVES. Agree or disagree?
Published 08/28/23
Signs that he's just not that into you. He's being hot and cold. Flaky with plans. Distant. A bad texter. Says he doesn't know where he stands or what he wants. In this episode, I dish the hard truth and the signs of when someone is just not...that interested.
Published 08/21/23
When someone pulls away, it can be difficult to navigate. Often times we feel like we did something wrong to mess the relationship up. It can cause a lot of anxiety if we're not sure where the other person stands or why they're distancing themselves...when everything seemed to be going well. In this episode, I talk about what to do when they pull away from you - and how to handle it like a pro. You'll feel better in no time baby.
Published 08/14/23
Why my ex and I broke up - the full detailed story. I wasn't sure if I would ever speak on this relationship and the breakup that changed me forever. In this episode, I am finally sharing my experience and more details about the breakup that inspired the Date Yourself Instead podcast. If this resonated with you in any way, I would love to hear your story as well. Always feel free to dm me on instagram @lyss.
Published 08/07/23
Cause you deserve the best :-) I love you.
Published 07/31/23
Ahhhh. SOLO TRAVEL. One of the most highly requested topics I get asked to cover is my experience doing shit alone. And yeah, it can be intimidating, scary and crazy to go off on adventures completely solo. In this episode, I talk about a few experiences I've had solo traveling, the lessons I've learned, my honest thoughts on it, and a wild story time about my study abroad journey in Australia. I'll definitely be recording a part two. Xoxo.
Published 07/24/23
It's a detached girl summer. Psssst if you loved this episode, DM me on instagram @lyss and stay updated by following the podcast on Spotify.
Published 07/17/23
It's official - I am HERE to answer all of your questions on this very juicy episode of Date Yourself Instead. In this episode, I discuss the art of being unbothered and how to live your truth, how to go no contact and my thoughts on blocking someone if you're broken up, my honest thoughts on cheating, and more.
Published 07/10/23