How to master your emotions and remain in your power
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Have you ever lashed out at someone and later regretted how you responded to a situation? Have you ever overreacted in your relationships and later realized things weren't nearly as bad as they seemed? To be honest, sometimes in the past I have tended to go off the rails in situations and later didn't really like how I acted. This episode is all about steps to make those changes to MASTER your emotions in the moment so you can remain grounded and in your power. That way, you can approach situations and conflicts from a place of calm, and make better decisions for your future. 8:00 - Being non-reactive and how to master your emotions. - JOIN THE DARE TO DETACH MASTERCLASS - use code 'SELFLOVE' for $20 off the course. IF you’ve been holding onto someone who you know isn’t good for you, if you feel stuck in your life and can’t seem to figure out your “why”, if you feel held back by ANYONE or anything and you want to skyrocket forward into the new year, THIS course is it. This is the game changer and I am so insanely excited for you to join us!!! WHAT DO YOU GET?  4 days of videos instructed by me •detailed workshops on the power of letting go •the exact meditations I used to get over my breakup quickly  •an exclusive private group chat 💬 with all of our members  •unlimited access to classes (once you have it, it’s yours forever) •instant access via email - Follow me on instagram @lyss and the podcast account @dateyourselfinstead and send me a message if you enjoyed this episode! :) I love you x
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