Get over the fear of being alone NOW ft. Jemma Sbeg (Psychology of your 20's)
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We're back again!!! Me and my beautiful Aussie friend and host of the top podcast Psychology of your 20's, Jemma Sbeg, are back with another episode conquering the topic of being alone. We discuss how to get over the fears associated with being single, being on your own, and dealing with the anxiety around "not having the one" just yet. JEMMA'S SOCIALS: Her podcast - Psychology of your 20's Her instagram: @jemmasbeg @thatpsychologypodcast JOIN THE DARE TO DETACH MASTERCLASS DOORS OPEN APRIL 19TH, 2024. USE CODE SELFLOVE FOR A DISCOUNT - exclusive for the podcast listeners. My instagram: @lyss @dateyourselfinstead
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Published 05/20/24
Published 05/20/24
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