Pushing the Limits of Human Potential with Atom Bergstrom
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Have you ever heard of Mr Eats It All that consumed shopping carts, TV sets, razor blades, a coffin, and a 200 foot chain? Did Saint Francis communicate telepathically with animals? Who was the Mighty Atom and how did he survive a gunshot point black to the middle of his forehead? How did a man inflate and deflate himself on stage changing his body weight by 20 pounds several times in one night?  What are humans capable of physically, mentally, and psychically? Atom Bergstrom joins us  to talk about all of the seemingly impossible feats that people have achieved and make us question what we think we know. Atom's websites: www.sunsyncnutrition.com www.solartiming.com My websites: www.matt-blackburn.com www.mitolife.co Music by George Henner https://georgehenner.bandcamp.com    
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