Melatonin the Masterful Molecule for Mitochondria with Dr Russel Reiter
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Dr Russel Reiter has been involved in melatonin research since its inception. He has been supplementing it everyday for the past 29 years. In this interview he talks about how he became interested in melatonin, what happens to our melatonin production as we age, why humans not being seasonable breeders matters for fear surrounding hormonal dysregulation and melatonin supplements, the effects of light pollution on our physiology, how to use melatonin for jet lag, how melatonin can support menopause, why someone might feel groggy taking melatonin, how to find your optimal dose of melatonin, and more!  Russel Reiter's book: My website: Mitolife products: Mitolife Academy: Music by George Henner:  
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