Shining Light into the Hand to Assess Vitamin and Mineral Levels with Jeff Lioon
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The Oligoscan test uses the science of spectrophotometry to see the absorption and reflection of light from vitamins, minerals and heavy metals stored in the tissue of the palm of your hand. If it sounds too good to be true, you'll be surprised to hear the legitimate science behind it from the son of one of the original global distributors of Oligoscan, Jeff Lioon. He breaks down how the technology works in this show but the majority of it is focused on deciphering the test itself and describing all of the complex interactions between our environmental toxins, diet, lifestyle habits, and how those affect our vitamin and mineral balance.  We talk about the relationship between iodine and fluoride, why kryptopyrroluria is a big deal, how we get copper toxic, the difference between oligoscan and other tests, what low vitamin B9 means, the silica and aluminum connection, what high antimony means, what high gadolinium usually means, where antimony is coming from in our environment, the excretor theory, and trends that hes seen in the over 1500 scans he's done on clients. Learn more about the Oligoscan: My website: Mitolife products: Music by George Henner:    
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