You Don't Need to Be Anemic to Be Iron Deficient with Caitlyn Hartigan
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Enjoy this throwback show from a few years ago with Caitlyn Hartigan, creator of the Iron Protocol. In this jam packed three hour extravaganza she tears apart the argument that everyone has iron dysregulation and that nobody is iron deficient.  She explains how you can be iron deficient without being anemic, why supplementing iron is not only safe but essential for many people, how iron is important for immune function, how your iron recycling system doesn't work if there is no iron to recycle, the different stages of iron deficiency, her thoughts on iron infusions, why serum ferritin is an accurate marker of iron deficiency, why she likes supplementing vitamin D, why iron overload and hemochromatosis are synonymous, and more. The Iron Protocol group: My website: Mitolife products: Music by George Henner:    
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