Left untreated, acid reflux (heartburn), can result in many chronic digestive issues. In this episode of The Dr Karen Health Show, Dr Karen Wolfe talks about lifestyle and dietary changes that can help!
Published 07/15/21
There has been a huge shift in understanding the link between mouth health and body health. Dr Karen Wolfe answers two questions - How can the health of our mouth affect our body ? Why are the simple habits of daily brushing and flossing more important than we might think?
Published 07/10/21
Can you guess what the four bad for the bones foods are ? In this podcast episode. Dr Karen Wolfe shares valuable insights in ways to support healthy bones
Published 06/24/21
A common question wellness seekers ask is about how to read a food label. In this podcast episode Dr Karen Wolfe breaks down the important features to pay attention to in a label before you choose to buy it. She also gives examples of foods and their labels
Published 06/16/21
In this Podcast Episode I read a passage from “The Book of Awakening” by poet and spiritual teacher, Mark Nepo. Life is fragile and unbreakable at the same time and wonder helps us find the indestructible part of the thread.
Published 06/02/21
Do you know the major causes of vision loss? Did you know most of these causes, if caught early, can be prevented? Do you know how to protect your eyes from the sun and computers and harsh environmental exposure? Listen to my podcast if you appreciate the gift of your vision!
Published 05/27/21
Do you want to improve your mood and metabolism, have more energy and feel great? Todays podcast episode talks about the most efficient way to have all this! What do you think it is ? HINT - It is RHA
Published 05/12/21
So many of us have sugar cravings that can feel uncontrollable! In this podcast I share that it is not about willpower.. it’s about biochemistry. You can change your internal pharmacy with lifestyle shifts. This episode is about action and relief !
Published 05/05/21
Here is a list of 20 scientifically proven brain-nourishing foods. What we eat every day creates and re-creates both our cells and our body! Although the brain comprises only 2 percent of the body by weight, it uses 25 percent of our energy. Since food is energy, our brains are vulnerable to each nutritional choice we make.
Published 03/16/21
In this episode, Dr Deb Kern shares how emotions can get blocked in the body and how important it is to allow these emotions to FLOW and MOVE. She discusses a practice for us to connect to our inner knowing to awaken the health of your mind, body, and spirit.
Published 03/04/21
Wouldn’t you want to be able to assess your likelihood for cognitive decline before it happens? In this podcast Dr Karen discusses biomarkers for you to assess your cognitive health
Published 03/01/21
There are foods that are good for the brain and foods that are bad for the brain. Learn the 5 foods to avoid to support your Mental Health
Published 02/26/21
If you think Heartburn is a minor symptom- think again. Acid redux and mood disorders share a very close link. Unlike what we were made to believe, reflux is actually caused by insufficient levels of stomach acid.
Published 02/22/21
Mental Health and Your Gut is a series designed to show you how our gut is connected to anxiety and depression and provide solutions to improve your mental well-being by optimizing your capacity to digest food and absorb nutrients. Part 1 is about how constipation can lead to recirculation of toxins and imbalance of your Microbiome that is intricately connected to mental health.
Published 02/22/21
Snacking while working at home can be tricky when we are so close to the refrigerator all the time. Here are my Top Ten Healthy Snack ideas
Published 02/09/21
My dog Max teaches me ( and reminds me) about self care every day. In this podcast episode I share seven self care skills I learned from Max. They are simple and powerful when i practice them every day
Published 12/23/20
There are blessings to be found even in the most difficult times.
Published 11/23/20
The pandemic has thrust many of us into a new work-from-home environment for the first time. It has thrown our daily routines out of balance and especially our wellness routines! Here are my Top Ten Tips for how I stay healthy while working remotely.
Published 10/01/20
An estimated 30 percent of Americans experience some kind of food sensitivity during their lifetime. The most common symptoms include gastrointestinal upset, skin rashes or respiratory issues. You can also experience fatigue, headache, mood swings and even migraine. Learn how to uncover and identify a food sensitivity.
Published 09/18/20
A recent trip to the Emergency Room made me think about how good we are at physical first aid but not so good at psychological first aid. A major “scar” of this pandemic will be many of us needing psychosocial first aid. How good are we at that ?
Published 09/06/20
The five competencies of resilience are a useful tool to assess our own unique resiliency skills. I have found the concept very useful in my own life. In this Podcast i review a process for you to assess your own resiliency!
Published 09/04/20
We all have challenges that shape our character and help us grow. The past few months have tested our resilience. Thank believe we are hardwired to not only recover from adversity. But also grow and transform. In this Podcast I talk about sharing your Resilience Story.
Published 08/27/20
We all have a “set point” for the expected amount of joy, happiness or pain and anguish and we tend to return to that point after negative or positive experiences. In this Podcast I share the 5 set point levels and invite you to begin exploring where you are in your set point levels.
Published 08/23/20
In his new book The End of Alzheimer’s Program, Dr Dale Bredesen talks about needing a new vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease. Not an injection, but a personalized lifestyle program based on all the contributing factors.
Published 08/22/20
Lifestyle medicine is needed now more than ever. Poor lifestyle choices such a smoking and overuse of alcohol and lack of physical activity are key contributors to the progression of many of the chronic diseases that put us at more risk of severe infection with this new corona virus
Published 08/05/20