Flint and Thia arrive in Calimshan, ready for a vacation! ... Calimshan didn't get the memo though and the duo are thrown into a city under attack as they search for their contact, Yenbul. Thia's sense of humor isn't super well received. Did Flint pack his armor?
Published 04/01/20
Hey everyone! We're taking a week to catch up, Dumbgeons and Dragons will return Wednesday, April 1st! In the meantime, allow us to introduce you to DM to GM! In this week's episode Russ More and Sean Howard tell you what they think new DMs and GMs NEED to know before sitting down to a session playing D&D 5e. Do you need to read all the books? Which rules are super important? It's not as much as you might think!
Published 03/25/20
The team, Moot, Glim and Sully settle up with Mon at "Not A Library" before they try to find a caravan headed East. Ont the road they show off their skills to earn their keep against some caravan scoundrels. Moot has an oopsie... baaaa. Glim threatens someone that they'll see Bahamut. Sully goes for a ride.
Published 03/18/20
Thia is attacked, this time during the day, by her visions of Nulara. The trio meets up with Arvid before preparing for their journey (teleport) to Calimshan. Thia receives a gift. Flint packs his vacation best. Lex makes a dangerous decision. 
Published 03/11/20
With one more job on the docket before they can leave Elturel, Moot, Glim, and Sully make their way to Wise Master Meeseeks' house to protect them and their "tomes" from the wizard bandits. Moot learns to deflect. Glim is awfully confused by a lot of things. Sully works on his fast ball.
Published 03/04/20
Flint, Thia and Lex run are forced to make a difficult choice that may split the party for an indefinite period of time. The trio makes it back to Waterdeep to reconnect with Leosin to help Flint help Bort. Thia has a few harsh reminders. Flint has Bort on his mind. Lex reveals more of himself. 
Published 02/26/20
Moot, Glim and Sully are in a sticky situation after finding out their money was lifted by the turnt gobbos. The trio must hit the streets of Elturel to find a way to pay for the ridiculously priced POTATOES! Moot is in the business of poison. Glim is set to protect against bandits. Sully makes a horrible job list.
Published 02/19/20
This week we take you behind the scenes of our Patreon community with "The 'B' Team on Wharf Street", a game we played WITH our patrons at the Game Time tier. Members of our patreon community also have access to 50+ hours of exclusive bonus content, as well as livestream hangouts and the ability to contribute NPCs and items to the main story and characters. Visit Patreon.com/DumbDragonCast to join the community today!
Published 02/12/20
Flint, Thia, Lex and Margaret (Rev from The Critshow) are surrounded by an interesting and seemingly unnatural group of monsters. As they try to figure out where they are coming from, the team must protect a group of untrained militia from the attack. Thia suspects foul play. Flint makes a flaming hug tackle. Lex prove themselves handily in a fight. 
Published 02/05/20
Moot, Glim and Sully are truly on the road now as they march forward on their quest to Tymanther. Along the way they are given increasingly better travel advice, and make a pit stop to help a business owner with his marketing. Moot takes the advice of the locals. Glim is disappointed with sticky fingers. Sully suddenly feels very truthful.
Published 01/29/20
Continuing their travels back to Waterdeep Flint, Thia and "Beefy Boy" find themselves broadsided and waylaid in the Misty Forest. The group meets a curious new friend Margaret (Rev from The Crit Show) to help each other solve the mystery. Thia finds an odd odor. Flint takes his eyes off the road for ONE second. Beefy Boy finds a name! 
Published 01/22/20
The quest to Daggerford to find turnt Gobbos and Jam continues with Sir Cumfrence (David Alvord) and his noble Squire Root (Tiffany Alvord). Only... a simple mission goes completely sideways with a single decision. Moot adds a note. Glim's is granted skills. Sully has the element of... surprise?
Published 01/15/20
Flint, Thia and their new friend "Beefy Boy" are on the road to Waterdeep. But as with all road trips, sometimes the journey is what happens along the way, and today our heroes settle another squabble in the forest. Thia is interrogates good. Flint goes deep for the wood. Beefy Boy needs a new name... but not that name. 
Published 01/08/20
Dumbgeons and Dragons will return Wednesday, January 8th! In the meantime, allow us to introduce you to The Broadswords, am all women actual play DnD Podcast. They are one of our favourite shows filled with friends from right across Canada. We hope you enjoy!
Published 01/01/20
Dumbgeons and Dragons will return Wednesday, January 8th! In the meantime, allow us to introduce you to The End of Time and Other Bothers, one of our favourite shows, filled with some of our favourite people. We hope you enjoy it!
Published 12/25/19
Having made a bit of a mess Moot, Glim, and Sully decide it's time to follow their destiny and begin making their way out East. But to get there, they must acquire transportation. The trio meets a confident paladin (David Alvord) and his noble squire (Tiffany Alvord) Moot questions who's in charge. Glim's gets some surprise training. Sully teaches a stone to juggle their balls.
Published 12/18/19
Flint and Thia reel as they make their escape from Black Pool fighting their way through a horde of undead. The duo find a captive left behind in the town's "hospital". Thia rides piggy back. Flint just wants to know the plan. Someone is a Beefy Boy. 
Published 12/11/19
The team, Moot and Glim, try to find some knowledge about Orcus and his followers from the local library, while Sully and Hilop are acting strange towards their friends. Moot hits the books. Glim's Bahamut sense goes off. Sully tends his night garden.
Published 12/04/19
Flint and Thia have been given unlimited access to Black Pool. They, along with Lipsinki Pipdiggins, try to find the source and reason for Lipsinki being locked up by Vorunax (Kyle Classet). Thia rolls for spaghetti body. Flint has SO many buddies. Lipsinki just wants to dig.
Published 11/28/19
Moot, Glim, Sully and Hilop encounter a strange three-eyed boy in the Graveyard. The group is on edge and takes watch as things get weirder through the night. Moot gets paranoid. Glim has a weird dream. Sully gets creative in the kitchen.
Published 11/20/19
Flint and Thia take the backroads on their route back to Waterdeep and come across the town of Black Pool, a warm city of full hospitality. They are welcomed by the town leader a Dragonborn named Vorunax Zatruchreth (Kyle Classet), and asked for assistance with a matter that is beyond the town's experience. Thia makes fish eyes at the locals. Flint gets an anatomy lesson. 
Published 11/13/19
When a portal from Mechanus opens to reveal a modron named Tibby, he emerges to deliver our crew their latest mission. Tibby lobbied to get them somewhere tropical, but it seems they were instead "gifted" the Plane of Ice... Their mission: deliver a case from the Plane of Ice to the Shadowfell. At their disposal: a stolen vehicle from Avernus outfitted to travel in the harsh tundra climate. Thia gets real emo. Flint gets Fast AND Furious. Nulara scopes out the facilites. 
Published 11/06/19
With a lumpy mystery on their hands Moot, Glim, and Sully embark on a wild, wacky and weird adventure to track down Sully's one and only lump, Ken. Moot gets some bad news. Glim really gets into the mystery. Sully contemplates filing a missing lump report.
Published 10/30/19
We join back up with Flint & Thia in the town of Fairhaven, now over run with a massive centipede threatening the good people of the town. The only heroes are the Decimators... of bugs... Thia finds optimal plays against the beast. Flint gets an anatomy lesson. 
Published 10/23/19
Settling into life in Waterdeep, our adventurers Moot, Glim, and Sully experience the city wide memorial before they find some small hints to their road ahead and try to solve a small conundrum. Moot loses his vertical. Glim can't believe her ears. Sully has an emotional roller coaster.
Published 10/16/19