Are you tired of feeling terrible after that Thanksgiving Dinner? Tired of being up 5 pounds on the scale the next day? Well, I have 10 Tips To a Healthy Thanksgiving that I personally put into play each year! Even if you follow half of these tips, I bet it will make a difference in how you feel the next day!
Published 11/22/20
Are you always hungry? Or just always craving sweets? Did you know there is a real difference between hunger and cravings? Often when you understand the difference and notice the signs & symptoms of each, you can make a more rational decision about what you put in your body. This week’s episode will go into detail on hunger, cravings and give you some tools to help you with both!
Published 11/15/20
You think a body fat scale might be the key in your weight loss success? Or maybe you think it would just be important to know when you weigh yourself? Find out in this week’s podcast if buying these fancy scales are worth it, are accurate and are necessary. And a great Eagle’s Eye on Health to help you face the truth in how you are handling these stressful times.
Published 11/08/20
We start our Monday with solid intentions to crush a diet. By Friday, we throw in the towel and eat horribly all weekend. Just to start a new diet on Monday again. Why do you keep failing your diet? Or why does your diet keep failing you? Find out in this week’s podcast episode. These factors might be just what you need to hear to make true progress on your true weight loss journey.
Published 11/01/20
We don’t like to talk about it and we definitely don’t like to have it! But yet we have all been constipated at one time or another! Find out why we get constipated, who is at risk and the best REAL foods to alleviate this awful problem.
Published 10/25/20
If you missed episode #202 about Overnight Weight Gain, you might check it out before this part 2! In this podcast, I talk about what is actually happening in your body when you have water retention, what causes it and how to avoid it as best you can!
Published 10/18/20
Did you ever wonder how it was possible that you gained 3 pounds overnight? Your nutrition and workouts were on track and yet your weight is UP! Not only is it frustrating but it can be why so many people GIVE UP their weight loss strategy too soon. Before you do that, find out 13 reasons why that weight gain might not be so relevant.
Published 10/04/20
In this episode I’m going to tell you how to look at a label to see if it has any artificial sweeteners, what to look for, what you should know about them, how they affect your body and more! I will also share my favorite SWEET snacks you can swap in to help that sweet tooth.
Published 09/28/20
Did you know that if your thyroid hormones are not in check they might be impacting your energy, weight loss and overall health? Perhaps you have these symptoms but never thought it could be from your thyroid? In this episode, I will discuss the most common thyroid conditions, how they are treated and what thyroid disorder hit me this year.
Published 09/20/20
I have worked with hundreds of clients and athletes. It’s interesting to see what people eat before, during and after a workout. Did you know that this nutrition and it’s timing might greatly impact how many calories you burn, how fast you recover and your overall performance in the workout? Find out the details and some meal/snack ideas to help you get the most out of your exercise routines.
Published 09/13/20
Every quarter I let my followers and clients ASK ME ANYTHING! Find out in this week’s podcast episode my favorite workout socks, how ETB evolved to what it is today, how I manage my schedule, workouts and even the things that have changed for me during the COVID pandemic.
Published 08/30/20
Have you gained weight? Do you feel guilty about it? Even some shame? If so, I can tell you right now..you are not alone. But when did gaining weight become such an emotional scar and what can we do to pivot out of this trend? Find out in this week’s serious episode of the Earn That Body Podcast.
Published 08/23/20
We put them on our sandwiches. We cook with them. We slather them on our ribs. But do we really know which condiments are GOOD or NOT SO GOOD? Which ones we can eat and feel good about vs. which ones we might need to avoid? Find out the best and worst condiment options in this weeks Earn That Body Podcast.
Published 08/16/20
Do you ever assess your Mind/Body Health? Well, a good time to check in with all you have accomplished in mind/body is your birthday! And whether your birthday is today or in 6 months….find out what I do to assess where I am at and where I want to go with my health, mind, body and life each year on my special day.
Published 08/09/20
Do you cringe when you have to go to your friend’s house for dinner? In fear of it sabotaging your whole week of healthy eating? Or perhaps whenever you go to your mom’s house for dinner you realize that you will gain 5 pounds just looking at the food! In this episode, I will give you 10 Tips to Manage That Dinner Party without weight gain! And you might just have fun while you are there.
Published 08/02/20
I can’t believe this, but there are at least 9 Types of Water! Who knew? The question becomes...what is the pro and con of each one, and which is the healthiest to drink? Find out in this week's episode of the Earn That Body Podcast.
Published 07/26/20
Is your nutrition way off track right now and you just need some help dialing it back in? Or perhaps you have never really understood what Clean Eating is and how to integrate it into your life? This episode discusses what Clean Eating means and 10 ways to start integrating it into your daily life now. It will not only benefit your health, but also your waistline.
Published 07/19/20
When it comes to your health, you should not ignore this most important relationship. I’ll leave it right there. Check out this week’s Earn That Body Podcast to see if you have a healthy one.
Published 07/12/20
This pandemic is certainly motivating many people to build a home gym or maybe dream of having one! Well, I’m here to tell you what you really need to make a simple home gym. And it likely costs a whole lot less than you might imagine. Then, of course, I will tell you about some “nice to have” pieces of equipment, high priced ticket items and what I have in my home gym.
Published 07/05/20
When you go to a restaurant you often have to make the BEST of the WORST choices when it comes to a healthy option. In this week’s podcast, I picked out the BEST and WORST meals at some of the most common national franchise restaurants that you likely frequent. And definitely download the FREEBIE this week so you can always have these choices at your fingertips. FREE GUIDE TO MY PICKS: www.earnthatbody.com/eatingout
Published 06/28/20
People ask me all the time, “can I eat stevia”. Well, it’s time to revisit the recent research! Find out what the research says, what I personally think and what you need to look at before you eat stevia.
Published 06/21/20
I don’t usually talk about things I will talk about in this episode. But I need to tell you how I feel about what is going on in our country and how it’s impacting our health and well being. Many of you have expressed signs of anxiety as well, and I wanted you to know you are not alone. In this episode we will talk about the normal anxiety and the anxiety disorder. What you need to know and how you can treat it, prevent it and simply understand it.
Published 06/14/20
There are some awesome workouts around that were designed to get you very effective results. However, often I see these workouts being called “X” and yet it is NOT the workout! Find out what 4 workouts you might be doing incorrectly with your class, trainer or even on your own. Perhaps making some simple changes will help you get even better results.
Published 06/07/20
You have heard some of these myths over and over, yet still might ask “is that true?”. Time to break the myths down and understand the truth about so many nutrition disputes.
Published 05/31/20
Do you have a Tribe? Do you have 3? As I get older, I realize that having a TRIBE in these 3 areas of my life is the thing keeping me going each day! And when you are in the wrong tribe, a funny thing happens...find out what it is in this week’s Earn That Body Podcast Episode.
Published 05/25/20