#234 - Back On The Bix, Tea Bag Trunks and Stew Psychics
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Oh it’s nice to be back home isn’t it? The guys had a fun time away from each other but nothing beats the feeling of breathing the same air, nodding at the same winks and having a go at Producer Dave for not Backing Britain in person. Yes, today saw Elis, John and Dave reunited for the first time in what felt like months (when it was, in fact, only one month), and they put on a show deserving of the 2-4pm slot on a national BBC radio station. Giddy, and with a sense of excitement (Elis) and lethargy (John) overcoming them there was a spicy Made Up Game, John perpetuated an urban myth and Elis put a new spin on Up Your Region. Plus, strap yourself in for some award-worthy Shame.
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Dave’s back not with a vengeance, but for an absolute bumper buffet of an episode. For there’s not one, but TWO new features. Oh we do spoil you, but that's all we're telling you. A little tease. But no more. And by our reckoning this edition features the most car brands crowbarred in out of any...
Published 05/24/24
Well, well, well. Every so often the old gal which is Made Up Games throws a grenade into the mix. And does it lead to drama? You bet ya it does as sparks fly. We’re still operating in a Daveless Zone as he launches his online whiskey company / goes walking in the Lake District - delete as to...
Published 05/21/24
Published 05/21/24