#237 - Clown Of The Scrum, Party Squirrels and Darklord866
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If you surveyed 100 residents of the United Kingdom and asked them what it is exactly that they want from a radio show (similar to RAJAR: radio's primary source of audience data) they'd probably list the following: a discussion with an ethical hacker, a feature where two grown men try to estimate the weight of a welly based on feel alone, and regular reminders of how much one of the presenters needs a nap. Following on from the aforementioned survey a panel of creatives would probably gather and create today's EXACT Elis James and John Robins show... which is now available for you to enjoy! There's also an update on the Backing Britain campaign, Tony Livesey discusses his long hair days, and John uses his power to kick a caller to the curb.
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The higher-ups at the BBC might be able to restrict Elis and John to an hour's worth of radio in order to make room for the Cheltenham Festival, but do you know what they won't ever restrict? An appetite for quality chat that is SO ravenous they're able to make a 60 minute show feel like an 85...
Published 03/17/23
A surprise at every turn, content on the cusp of being toooo edgy, and with some bits a little too revealing for the more conservative consumer.. Elis and John on 5 Live, or the Elis and John Tax Year Calendar (available at bbc.co.uk/elisandjohn, fyi)? BOTH! With today’s explosive offering...
Published 03/10/23
Published 03/10/23