#238 - Spartan Skodas, Curveball Carvery and The Terracotta Assassin
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With Elis James spending this Friday sunning himself in Wales it was down to John to choose a suitable co-host to take his place. It was a drawn out process featuring seven preliminary rounds of auditioning, two auditions in front of a live audience and an arm wrestle. The victor, and sharing the airwaves with John this week, was none other than Ivo Graham; and boy did he relish the opportunity. Making his first appearance as an official co-host, Ivo really embraced the cut and thrust nature of broadcasting with John. It was a case of “run before you can walk”, and with each stride he got closer to a finishing line marked “chat”. There was an impromptu discussion with a referee, John got annoyed during a Made Up Game, Ivo put his improv skills to the test and Producer Dave NEARLY Backed Britain.
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We’re heading towards quite frankly Australian levels of being rattled on today’s Made Up Game as another game format comes under the microscope of two players who simply want to be given the win. Elis is also distracted by the past - shock - and Producer Dave actually wants the boys to get...
Published 06/11/24
Published 06/11/24
Today’s show is a titanic showdown between two arch-nemeses. It’s Disraeli against Gladstone, it’s David versus Goliath, it’s The Rumble in the Jungle; it’s Elis James facing up to his footballing rival Nish Kumar. Sparks fly, scores are settled, and a listener’s dilemma is answered (sort of) in...
Published 06/07/24