Episode 173. Learning how to leave food on your plate, liver king & managing food guilt.
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In this episode, Georgia and Emilia answer client questions on liver king, our favourite books and podcasts of the year, christmas dinner dates, supporting kids relationships with food and relatives, managing mindless snaking after parties, getting back on track after a holiday, getting comfortable with leaving food on your plate, the difference between wanting to and having to for behaviour change, the need for measuring progress, untracked meals and food guilt and managing jet lag routine. For more information, visit www.emilia.fitness or @emiliathompsonphd
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In this episode, Steph, Anna and Emilia answer client questions on managing a holiday in a deficit, time restricted feeding, struggles with eating intuitively, managing anxiety with food, challenging the perfectionist mindset, the best question we’ve been asked, why we compete as women who diet,...
Published 02/02/23
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In this episode, Lynn (the ETPHD peri-natal specialist) and Emilia discuss generalised advice for supporting fertility and pregnancy with nutrition and training. For more information, visit www.emilia.fitness @emiliathompsonphd @lynn_etphdcoaching
Published 01/30/23