Three Key Wellness Practices to Embrace Despite Feeling Overscheduled and Busy w/ Jovanka Ciares
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Creating sustainable self-care practices involves The realization that slowing down is still moving forward Replacing the habits you remove with something positive and fulfilling Asking for and receiving what you want and need Using natural solutions from plants to support your wellness practices Spending quality time in nature   Do you find it hard to carve out time for yourself every single day? Like me, I bet there are days when you feel pulled in a million different directions, tending to everyone’s needs but your own. It takes dedication to stick to self-care practices while living a full, and sometimes hectic life. I get how self-care doesn’t always go according to plans. That’s why I brought on today’s guest to share her key wellness practices to embrace despite being overscheduled and busy.   About Jovanka Ciares Jovanka Ciares is the author of Reclaiming Wellness and several other titles. A certified wellness expert, integrative herbalist, nutrition educator, and coach, she offers lectures and workshops in Spanish and English.  Jovanka studied nutrition with bestselling author T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., at his Center for Nutrition Studies (in partnership with Cornell University) and herbalism/plant medicine with Tieraona Low Dog, MD. A native of Puerto Rico, she lives in Los Angeles.   Slowing Down and Getting Support So You Can Do More For Yourself Adapting wellness practices to your life, especially when you’re overwhelmed, is no simple task. Yet, as Jovanka explains, transformational habits and rituals can be integrated with ease and grace.  This involves realizing that just because you might be slowing down, you are still moving forward. It also involves replacing the habits you remove with something more fulfilling. You’ll likely need to ask others to support you with this. Don’t be afraid to do so because receiving in itself is an act of generosity as Jovanka explains.   FInding Natural Support from Plants and Herbs An essential part of Jovanka’s process involves the medicinal nature of plants. Whether you need focus, energy, or relaxation, tapping into the power of plants can go a long way in supporting your wellness practices.  Herbs and supplements can restore your endocrine system, support your body, and give your mind what it needs. Jovanka describes how a number of specific adaptogenic herbs can help support and sustain your self-care rituals. What can support you on your path to self-care and wellness? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section of the episode page.   Quotes: “People need to start understanding that they are the experts in their body. The person you look at in the mirror every morning is the expert of you.” [11:19] “A lot of us, especially women, are very generous with our time and energy, but we don’t want to receive. Nothing could be more detrimental. We have to learn that the act of receiving is also an act of generosity.” [21:27] “So you find some alternative solutions and, in combination with what your doctor recommends, there is no need for us to struggle through a lot of these hormonal changes.” [29:30] “We are part of mother nature and we need to reconnect with it. It’s critical to our health and wellbeing.” [33:50]   In This Episode Understanding that you are the expert of your own body and advocating for what you need for it  [6:30] Reclaiming what fulfills you after removing what doesn’t [15:30] How adaptogenic plants can help us adapt and reclaim our wellness [22:30] Why a connection with nature is an integral part of wellness [31:15]   Resources Mentioned: Use Promo Code ‘podcast’ for 10% off your order at the Essentially Whole Store Here Jovanka Ciares’ Website Follow Jovanka on Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter The Reclaiming Wellness Book   Other Resources: Check out the full show notes page Keep up with everything Dr. Mariza Follow Dr. Mariza on Faceboo
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