While you may be making food and exercise decisions you believe are healthy, the majority of us women are actually doing our bodies a disservice. By learning what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat, how to combine foods, and how often to work out, you can create an optimally functioning body through thermogenesis.
Published 12/03/21
Throughout history, women have been subjected to gaslighting when it comes to their pain and symptoms through claims of hysteria and frameworks of racism and misogyny. This belief is still prevalent in the medical system today and is why so many women go undiagnosed or dismissed for so long. However, by analyzing history and becoming our own advocates, we can shift the culture and the paradigm of how women are treated in the medical system in the US and worldwide.
Published 11/30/21
It’s the most wonderful time of year. The holidays are here, and these days are filled with fun traditions, gatherings, feasts, and gifts. So much to enjoy, but also so much stress!    If the holiday season leaves you feeling more blue than festive...   Some simple self-care can make a huge difference in how you cope with the season. Tune in today to hear... Self-care strategies to reduce stress How setting intentions can help you stay healthy Simple ways to overcome cravings Tips to...
Published 11/26/21
There are many reasons why we are generally eating less nutrient-dense foods than we have historically. The truth is that while you may think you are making healthy decisions, the food we eat today does not have the same nutritional benefits as it used to. This is why it is so important to learn how to make access and understanding of whole food easier for the benefit of everyone.
Published 11/23/21
Betrayal and trauma can cause your body harm and could be the cause of your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Regardless of when you experienced a betrayal, it is essential to do the work to transform your deep-seated hurt and betrayal into a life full of love worth living.
Published 11/19/21
Dr. Casey Means and her team at Levels have revolutionized how we view nutritional data, blood sugar, and metabolic flexibility. By equipping yourself with the knowledge and information to know what your body needs when it comes to glucose, you can not only improve your overall health but extend your longevity and overall happiness.
Published 11/16/21
As women, we visit the doctor seeking answers, pain relief, and support. Instead, we end up fighting stereotypes. Healthcare providers say our symptoms aren’t real. And we are treated as if we are overreacting. Women are more likely to have their pain minimized, their symptoms dismissed, and tests refused. This mishandling of complaints leads to delays in diagnosis and treatment, causing more pain and health problems. Learning how to advocate for yourself is the best thing you can do to...
Published 11/12/21
Have you ever realized that when you forget to take care of yourself, it makes serving others that much more draining? Self-care is never selfish, and when you can change your mindset around putting yourself first, you can change the way you show up in the world for yourself and the people around you in a much bigger way.
Published 11/09/21
If you worry about how you are going to feel into your 60’s, 70’s, and beyond, I have good news for you. With the right tools and information, you can improve your cellular longevity and say goodbye to the symptoms of old age for as long as possible.
Published 11/05/21
Ayurveda is an ancient practice of medicine that can help you unlock the key to health in modern life. By using these processes, you can learn how to digest your emotional and physical balance so that you can get rid of toxins, check-in with your body, and reconnect to the cycle of nature.
Published 11/02/21
Feeling tired, foggy thinking, weight gain, and headaches. These all sound like a normal part of life as a woman. But what if they shouldn’t be? And what if you don't have to feel this way? Imagine what you could do when you are energized, thinking clearly, and feeling great... It's time for an estrogen dominance assessment, so you can reverse your symptoms and get back to being the efficient, capable woman you are. Tune in today to hear... The risks associated with estrogen dominance Why...
Published 10/29/21
After the age of 35, our hormones start to change. This is why we need a diet and lifestyle that supports our hormones so that we can improve our metabolic flexibility. A healthy metabolism will not only help you lose stubborn weight, but it will also set your body and mind up for long-term success, health, and happiness.
Published 10/26/21
We’re all living busy lives these days, putting in the hours at work, taking care of our families, and keeping up with our homes. It’s easy to blame the stress we feel on our lifestyle. But often, there is another overlooked reason.    If you are feeling stressed and depressed...   It’s time to review your cycle and consider the cause. Tune in today to hear... The symptom I experienced with low progesterone How your body makes progesterone When NOT to test your progesterone level And...
Published 10/22/21
Women are cyclical beings by nature. By learning how to instinctively listen to your body and shifting your diet, stress management, and mindset towards the cycles of the moon, you can improve not only your reproductive health but your overall health and wellbeing.
Published 10/19/21
Vitamin D plays an important role in the body, supporting everything from immunity to thyroid health. But there’s a good chance you have insufficient levels of this sunshine vitamin, and the supplements found at the grocery store may not be enough.  If you are struggling with inflammation, depression, or hypertension… Make an appointment to check your vitamin levels, and take control of your health!
Published 10/15/21
You are just one thought away from changing your life. When you know how to harness the power of your brain, you can create habits that help you achieve your goals, improve your health, develop better relationships, find financial freedom, and so much more.
Published 10/12/21
Food choices are one of the most powerful tools we have to take control of our health. It's hard to make the best choice when surrounded by temptation. If you struggle to decide what to buy and what to leave on the shelf…   Learning about hormone-balancing superfoods will empower you to take action!   Tune in today to hear... How to set up your kitchen for success What to look at on a label Healthy swaps for your favorite junk food And more!   Mentioned in this episode: The Essential...
Published 10/08/21
Have you ever thought to connect the dots between the big and little traumas of your past and your health today? Trauma has the power to impact both our mental and physical health, which is why it is so important to work through your traumas and master navigating your emotions. The health benefits will be undeniable.
Published 10/05/21
Maintaining stable blood sugar and insulin levels is one of the keys to lasting health, energy, and vitality every single day—yet we often overlook it.   If you find your energy crashing midday, or if you struggle to shed some of those extra pounds in your midsection no matter what you try, or if you are just feeling like your health isn’t where it could be…   Focusing on your blood sugar balance is going to be a great first step! Tune in today to hear...   Why blood sugar stability is...
Published 10/01/21
There is a clear connection between what we eat and how our brains and bodies function. By eating foods that reduce your inflammation and fill in your specific nutritional gaps, you can feel better not only physically but also mentally.
Published 09/28/21
This one simple sign can really give you an insight into how your body is working: If you're not pooping daily, not only is it a sign that your digestion is out of whack, but your hormones are probably struggling too.   Tune in today to hear… Why chronic constipation can lead to hormonal imbalances like estrogen dominance How to know if your poop troubles are an issue What you can do to kickstart your digestive and hormone health Key nutrients your body needs for healthy detoxification...
Published 09/24/21
Have you ever considered the link between the toxins in your home and your energy level? Chances are, the products you are using could be having a major impact on how you feel, your symptoms, and your risk of disease. The good news? All it takes is a few simple steps to start limiting your toxic exposure.
Published 09/21/21
Your liver plays a crucial role in your health, but conditions like fatty liver disease are showing up more and more in people who don’t expect it.   It’s not a disease that only impacts people who are overweight or alcoholics anymore—even lean, healthy people are getting it and there are some scary reasons why.   Tune in to today’s episode to hear:   What fatty liver disease is and why it’s becoming so common Surprising signs that you may have fatty liver disease (these are things...
Published 09/17/21
Women have been taught to believe that they should be scared of menopause. But in reality, you can step into your 40’s feeling good in your body with increased metabolic flexibility. All it takes is a great mindset, a belief that your body works for you, and the openness it takes to make changes as your body changes.
Published 09/14/21