On Sex and the City: Shortcomings
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On today’s episode, we revisit Shortcomings, a.k.a that episode where Samantha f***s Charlotte’s brother, Miranda dates a guy with a child, and Carrie has a fling with Justin Theroux (for the second time). Topics discussed include Mr. Theroux’s Family Stone-adjacent family, the cursed Fraiser theme song, Chelsea’s pitch for a Samantha-focused prequel series, premature ejaculation, Carrie’s vintage Gucci handbag, and more!Want to hear our thoughts about Julia Fox's memoir Down the Drain? Or Gen-X classic Reality Bites? Or Sofia Coppola's new book? Become a Patron! Patreon.com/EveryOutfitWant your call to be featured on a future hotline episode?  Call 323-486-6773
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