On Cowboy Carter, SATC on Netflix, Hotline Calls
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Giddy up f**kettes! We’re diving into Beyonce’s most high-concept album yet. Is it country? Sort of, but we’re here for the sample of Underworld’s “Born Slippy”. Also discussed: Sex and the City’s shocking arrival on Netflix, Chelsea’s recent excursion to the PornHub awards, Shakira’s piping hot take about Barbie, the new Matrix film, Isabelle Huppert’s controversial performance in Bérénice, Billie Eilish’s divisive style, the historical accuracy of the costumes in Saltburn, gay wedding attire, and more!
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Today we’re discussing Sex and the City’s most perverted episode La Douleur Exquise, which begins in an S&M-themed restaurant and ends with Carrie and Mr. Big’s second breakup. It’s also the episode where Charlotte gets free designer shoes in exchange for PG foot fetish stuff (goals), Miranda...
Published 05/17/24
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The Met Gala was this week, have you heard? We’ve officially OD’d on florals, but we’re doing our best to process the staggering amount of outfits that we’ve seen. Topics discussed include Galliano domination, merkin erasure, Zendaya’s double whammy, Sean McGirr’s revenge dress, Isabelle Huppert...
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