On Jojo Siwa, Rihanna, Palm Royale
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Karma’s a bitch! And so are we. Yes, your girls are back to discuss Jojo Siwa’s controversial rebranding, the overrated eclipse, J.Lo’s bot farm, the terrifying Amy Winehouse biopic, the sad state of Francis Ford Coppola and John Waters latest films, Rihanna’s Interview magazine cover, Laura Dern’s f****d wig on Palm Royale, and more! Come see us on tour! We'll be in Boston on April 18th, New York on April 20th, Washington D.C. on April 21st, Philly on April 22nd, Pittsburgh on April 23rd, and Chicago on April 25th! And WEST COAST, we're coming to you. We'll be in San Francisco on June 16th, Portland on June 17th, and Seattle on June 18th. Today's episode is brought to you by Nutrafol! For a limited time, Nutrafol is offering our listeners ten dollars off your first month’s subscription and free shipping when you go to Nutrafol.com and enter the promo code OUTFIT.  As well as Honeylove! Treat yourself to the best bras and shapewear on the market and save 20% Off at honeylove.com/OUTFIT. Use our exclusive link to get 20% off - honeylove.com/OUTFIT. After you purchase, they’ll ask you where you heard about them. PLEASE support our show and tell them we sent you!
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