How to Grow an Audience When No One Seems to Listen
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In the eye of the pandemic storm, Zeke Sky didn't just keep his music alive; he transformed it into a powerhouse brand.  This episode dives into how a metal guitarist mastered the art of branding and marketing amidst global chaos.  From crafting a unique brand identity to engaging a dedicated fanbase, Zeke's journey is a masterclass in marketing resilience and creativity under pressure.  In this episode you'll discover:  The creative process of composing musicThe importance of discipline and belief in your workSocial media practices to grow your audienceTopics Covered: (00:00) - Intro (01:18) - Who is Zeke Sky? (03:03) - People's perception of the world of metal music (08:25) - Debunking the misconceptions about composing music (12:41) - Zeke's inspiration to compose (15:14) - The creative process of Zeke Sky (22:51) - Zeke Sky's life before the pandemic (28:45) - Building a powerhouse brand in a challenging environment (35:26) - Tips to grow your audience on social media (44:43) - The psychological impacts of growing your audience (48:48) - Outro *** → Join 14,000+ weirdos who learn to stand the f*ck out with my daily (Mon-Fri) emails:→ See my pretty face on LinkedIn:→ Leave a review on Apple Podcasts:→ Leave a review on Spotify: Finally... If you're curious about putting your brand in front of my 14,000+ daily newsletter subscribers and/or podcast listeners, email me: [email protected] 🤘
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