Peter and Dan discuss the rapid speed of technological change and why they believe the pandemic has sped up the progress of innovation. They believe that using this time to hone your mindset is critically important.  In this episode: Peter says one thing he learned was to “never let a good crisis go to waste”. […]
Published 02/08/21
Peter and Dan discuss how the pandemic has changed the educational system forever. As many schools have turned to fully online curriculums, entrepreneurs and educators are experimenting with the “new normal” learning from home.  In this episode: Peter gives an update about being a parent as his kids attend school online. Dan says more and […]
Published 12/14/20
Peter and Dan discuss the transformations in healthcare due to the pandemic and stay at home orders.  Peter talks about instead of going to a hospital when sick, the hospital comes to you because of sensors and data collected by wearables. In this episode: Peter gives an update on COVAXX and vaccines developed for COVID-19.  […]
Published 11/29/20
Peter and Dan continue their conversation about the Abundance Platinum Longevity trip, where Peter and a select group of entrepreneurs, executives and investors spent five days learning from the top longevity and immunology experts in two of California’s top biotech hubs. In this episode: Peter talks about the importance of two technologies, vaccines and gene […]
Published 11/08/20
Peter and Dan continue their conversation about the recent Abundance Platinum Longevity trip, where Peter and a select group spent five days learning from the top longevity and immunity experts in two of California’s top biotech hubs. In this episode: Peter and Dan discuss the explosion of sensors and products available in the healthcare market, […]
Published 10/25/20
Peter and Dan recap the recent Abundance Platinum Longevity trip, where Peter and a select group spent five days learning from the top longevity and immunity experts in two of California’s top biotech hubs. In this episode: Peter offers his biggest takeaways from the trip, including one insight from Dr. Deepak Srivastava, President of the […]
Published 10/05/20
Peter and Dan discuss the recent launch and recovery of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying humans in a commercially built spacecraft to and from the International Space Station. NASA astronauts, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley splashed down on August 2, making it the first water landing since 1975.  In this episode: Peter gives a quick […]
Published 09/04/20
Peter and Dan discuss one of Dan’s latest concepts: are you a Simplifier or a Multiplier? Every great entrepreneur is primarily one or the other, and identifying which category you most fall into offers meaningful insight into the way you instinctively create value. In this episode: Dan talks about his book Simplifier-Multiplier Collaboration and one […]
Published 07/21/20
Peter and Dan discuss a number of longevity and pharmaceutical companies that are working to crack the vitality code of life. Exponential technologies, from machine learning to CRISPR, are enabling scientists to probe medical data, understand aging, and reverse its processes like never before. In this episode: Peter discusses a startup he’s tracking that uses […]
Published 06/24/20
Peter and Dan discuss the ways in which today’s pandemic will fundamentally reshape a handful of industries, from commercial aviation to education. For most of us, we will not be returning to business as usual. Rather, we will see the emergence of redefined and reorganized companies, made resilient by their need to adapt to new […]
Published 05/22/20
Peter and Dan discuss how evolutionary pressures speed up innovation, agreeing that the pandemic will accelerate technological progress and change our lives forever. In the arc of contemporary history, we will remember a clear distinction between life “Pre-COVID-19” and “Post-COVID-19.” To this effect, Peter and Dan demonstrate how business model innovation is at an all-time […]
Published 05/11/20
Peter and Dan discuss Software as a Service (SaaS) and AIaaS, both vital tools for businesses seeking to scale with a leaner organization. Particularly as workforces become distributed and companies race to digitize, cloud computing is now more important than ever before. In this episode: Dan talks about the historic opportunity to use our current […]
Published 04/30/20
Peter and Dan discuss working-from-home (WFH) dynamics and how they’ve simplified their daily routines as the COVID-19 pandemic upends business-as-usual and forces us to adapt. Making longer-term projections, they illustrate how industries will transform during this global pause, and what implications we’ll see in our everyday lives. In this episode: Peter emphasizes the importance of […]
Published 04/15/20
Peter and Dan discuss the power of Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) and its utility to thousands of companies in both traditional and non-traditional sectors. By adding an AI layer to your organization, AIaaS tools can help any company achieve scale with minimal increases in headcount, fueling data-driven business decisions, personalized marketing efforts, team […]
Published 04/02/20
Peter and Dan showcase a number of entrepreneurs working on wireless power, virtual workplaces, and educational platforms with built-in facial recognition.  In this episode: Peter discusses Guru, a company that has built a wireless charging system that transmits electricity using high-frequency radio waves. By combining this technology with 5G, businesses like Guru might soon usher […]
Published 03/22/20
Peter and Dan discuss the state of quantum computing and Google’s announcement that they achieved ‘quantum supremacy’ in October 2019.  In this episode: Peter gives a general overview of what quantum computing is and why this matters to entrepreneurs.  Dan and Peter discuss the skill of asking great questions and why general AI’s will soon […]
Published 03/01/20
In this episode, Peter mentions a company “Energy Vault” that is specializing in gravitational energy storage. Its primary product is a gravity battery that utilizes a multi-headed crane to store energy in a stacked tower of heavy blocks made from concrete. Dan mentions that energy is becoming exponential, because as more and more energy is available, human aspirations for using energy increases. Peter discusses another company “Heliogen” that is using concentrated solar energy to exceed...
Published 02/10/20
In this episode, Dan defines and illustrates his concept of the “free zone frontier.” By establishing a partnership between two well-positioned capabilities, one party--the designated “simplifier”--provides a new solution while its counterpart serves as a massive “multiplier.” Peter offers the example of Amazon’s open sourcing of its internal company software platforms, allowing competitors to use its services and, in turn, make them cheaper for Amazon. By purchasing Amazon fulfillment and...
Published 12/03/19
In this episode, Peter talks about the need to be constantly experimenting with new technologies and with methods and materials continue to spring up, the importance of integrating 3D printing into your own business in the coming years.
 Dan mentions his concept “don’t compete when you can collaborate” and explains the benefits of constantly creating new partnerships. 
 Peter mentions one company New Story, an innovative nonprofit founded in 2015 that pioneers solutions to end global...
Published 11/14/19
In this episode, Peter discusses the latest breakthroughs in augmented reality and he believes that by 2030, AR will become ubiquitous.
 Dan talks about the importance of skills training and why AI will change the education industry
. Peter talks about AI becoming more and more knowledgeable and as more data is available, middlemen are no longer needed in  most industries.
Published 10/25/19
In this episode, Dan talks about the social implications of people working longer. Dan believes the year for mandatory retirement will be moved back at least 10 years. Peter discusses the transformation in the education industry when people have 2-3 careers. When more free time is available, they discuss an increase of travel/tourism. Peter talks about the need to feed people for longer, will lead to an increase in lab grown meat, better tasting and better for the environment.
Published 09/24/19
In this episode, Peter examines the primary reasons for which today’s space companies focus on reusable launch systems and landing large payloads on the Moon. Dan and Peter discuss how the human body reacts to long-term, zero-gravity environments, as well as the precautions needed when living on the Moon or in extraplanetary colonies. Peter describes three convergences that, while yet to materialize, will open trillion-dollar assets in space over the next few decades.
Published 09/09/19
In this episode, Dan gives a historical example of how process plays a major role in the industry, for example Sears Homes were pre-made and democratized the design to America customizing their homes. Peter describes a future where homes are designed for everyone wearing Augmented Reality (AR) headsets. White walls become art canvas, small homes become efficient multi-use and built with sensors embedded in every wall, measuring everything constantly. Dan and Peter agree that AI will...
Published 07/24/19
In this episode, Peter talks about turning long distance unattractive real estate becoming more accessible when air taxis and transportation technologies make it easier to travel long distances quickly. Dan gives an example of the regulations trying to catch up to technological advances and how entrepreneurs should think about making new laws. Peter talks about disrupting the relationship estate agent and getting rid of the middleman as AI starts to know more and more about us.
Published 07/11/19
In this episode, Peter tells story of creating Zero Gravity corporation after 11 long years and his struggles with the FAA. 
 Dan talks about knowing when to end the idea using his excitement and disappointment levels as measuring sticks. 
 Peter and Dan agree that you need to test your idea against the marketplace early and Dan explains why he only talks to “check-writers” when determining the validity of an idea.
Published 06/24/19