12. The Inca - Cities In The Cloud
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High up on the craggy peaks of the Urubamba Canyon, a lost city lies wreathed in cloud... In this episode, we explore the mountains of the Andes, and tell the story of the Inca Empire. Find out how these mountain people built the largest empire in the Western Hemipshere, in one of the toughest terrains on earth. With Inca poetry, Quechuan hymns and authentic Andean instruments, discover the unique culture of the Inca. And find out what happened to bring their society crashing down around them. Sound engineering: Thomas Ntinas & Alexey Sibikin Voice actors: Annie Kelly Jamie Tanner Gerald Condlin Lachlan Lucas Peter Walters Jimmy Lai Original music by Pavlos Kapralos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzgAonk4-uVhXXjKSF-Nz1A Also heard: “Andean illusion” by Kanti Quena (Carlos Saldana) and "Ollantay" by Leandro Alviña. Kanti Quena (Carlos Saldana): Quena, Quenacho, Tarkas, Bombo, Charango Phaxsi Coca (Jeanettte Rojas): Siku Malta, Siku Zanka, Jach'a Siku, Bombo, Chajchas Ana Maria Ramirez Bautista: Quena Maya McCourt: Cello Pavlos Kapralos: Chajchas, Palo de Lluvia
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