Lisa Messenger- The vibrant game-changing founder and CEO of Collective Hub - "Diversify your revenue streams and future proof your business"
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This week we are flashing back to one of my most favorite episodes with Lisa Messenger. I personally had some profound shifts in mindset and was inspired to stop, recalibrate, review and reassess after interviewing Lisa Messenger back in October last year. HOW TO BE AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME & MAKE YOUR BUSINESS WORK Lisa's top tips: •Be intimate with your data and numbers. Understand how to read your data and identify if you're getting a return on your investments. •Fully understand all your costs of doing business. •Don't grow too fast. •When things aren't working, know when to stop and recalibrate, review, reassess and then rebuild. •Eat the frog and do the hard things first! •Know when to end something to make space for new beginnings. •Being honest and authentic with your community is key. Share your story. Now, achieving success in your business won't come by twiddling your thumbs. You want to take action steps to ensure you're setting yourself up for success. The key? Plan, plan, plan! How Lisa makes it work: •At the beginning of each month, list 10 'top level' priorities. •Know your strengths and then outsource the rest to experts in each key area. •Support systems & structures are so important. •One mentor can't know it all, so have various mentors that specialise in key areas from business to personal, and don't forget spirituality mentors! •Podcasts are also such an amazing free learning resource - take advantage of them. You can find Lisa on Instagram: @lisamessenger @collectivehub If you want to take your Fashion Business Development next level and join an Industry Mentor Led Community, we'd love you to join our 'Start Your Fashion Business' Programme. JOIN OUR PROGRAMME - ENROLMENTS OPEN JUNE 1st If you want to make the Fashion Business your Business in 2021/22 - then please join us for our upcoming Info Session & LIVE Q&A via Zoom at 7 pm AEST on June 1st. - we'll be opening enrolments to our SYFB Programme and Community that evening. Register to join us HERE - if you can't make it live, you will receive a replay. In the meantime, if you want to kickstart your biz development, you can head to Your Mentor Collective - book a 1 hour of power session with one of our amazing Mentors - that's where the magic happens! You can find Fashion Equipped over at: Instagram: @fashionequipped @startyourfashionbusiness_au Podcast Insta: @fashionbusinessmindset Facebook: Website: Let's do this together, let's make The Fashion Business, YOUR Business!
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