374. The Dangers of Blankets
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Iain and Jacqui run the runes over the budget, the NHS pay deal, the fallout from the dispute between Gary Lineker and the BBC, the perils of sex education, octopus farming and much more besides. Smut quota: Higher than usual. Sorry Graham.
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Iain and Jacqui discuss Reform UK's 'contract' launch, the licence fee, net zero, Jacqui losing her phone, Rosie Duffield and Lord Cashman, and the police ramming a cow - and more!
Published 06/17/24
Published 06/17/24
Iain and Jacqui discuss Labour's manifesto, Sunak vs Starmer on Sky, politicians pretending to be poor, Andrea Jenkyns stepping out of line, Jacqui's trousers and loads more besides.
Published 06/13/24