434. I Want Something Bigger
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Carolyn Quinn sits in whilst Jacqui wanders around India. Iain and Carolyn discuss the bedeviled Mr Speaker, Prince William speaking out on Gaza, the formidable Yulia Navalnaya, photo shoots, Cuba, Tom Baldwin's book on Starmer and loads else. Smut quota: Mucha diversiĆ³n.
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Iain and Jacqui discuss Iain's interview with Liz Truss, the Iranian attack on Israel, Angela Rayner, freedom of movement, the smoking ban policy, Mark Menzies and loads more! Smut quota: Graham needn't worry too much.
Published 04/19/24
Published 04/19/24
Iain and Jacqui explain the process of calling an election - and what happens next! Also, questions on new parliamentary candidates, banning smartphones for children, Owen Jones leaving the Labour Party and more.
Published 04/16/24