441. Renowned Banker
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Iain and Jacqui discuss aid workers killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza, calls for arms sales to cease, a new MRP poll looking bad for the Tories, Iain's new job, a change to the format, 25 years of the minimum wage, ID cards, a naughty Cross Question moment, the Michael Jackson musical and lots more besides. Smut quota: Largely decent.
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Iain and Jacqui discuss all things general election. What happens now? What will be the deciding themes, the biggest policies, the key moments to look out for? Why did Sunak call it now? Will there be TV debates and do they matter? Everything you need to know and more! Smut quota: Largely...
Published 05/23/24
Published 05/23/24
Jacqui and Grant (Iain still on holiday) explain how party conferences work, who benefits from them and what the point of them is. Plus questions on nationalising public services, ignoring Welsh issues and car crashes.
Published 05/21/24