It’s been more than two weeks since riots broke out on the streets of New Caledonia in response to plans to enfranchise long-term French residents in the Pacific territory. Reged Ahmad speaks to campaigner Jimmy Naouna about the ongoing fight for Kanak independence and what it will take to restore peace to the streets of New Caledonia.
Published 05/28/24
Frontline women’s services say they are under immense strain and cannot keep up with the demand for crisis housing. Are government providing enough funding where it’s needed? Full Story host Nour Haydar goes inside one of the nation’s newest refuges for women and children escaping domestic violence, and speaks to CEO of Women’s Community Shelters Annabelle Daniel about the crisis accommodation shortage You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 05/27/24
Published 05/27/24
A highly pathogenic strain of bird flu, H5N1, has been detected in Australia for the first time, although there is no evidence of the disease spreading. At the same time a more common strain of the disease, H7N3, has been detected in two chicken egg farms in Victoria. Matilda Boseley speaks to Guardian Australia’s rural and regional editor Calla Wahlquist about why the poultry industry is worried – but everyday Australians don’t need to panic just yet
Published 05/26/24
Opposition leader Peter Dutton is once again pitching nuclear power as the Coalition’s signature energy policy. But new analysis confirms it would be the most expensive energy option in Australia’s road to net zero.Gabrielle Jackson speaks to editor-in-chief Lenore Taylor and deputy editor Patrick Keneally about why a nuclear transition is the wrong path for Australia
Published 05/23/24
In March 2020 Russell Hill and Carol Clay, both in their 70s, went missing while camping in Victoria’s alpine region. Gregory Stuart Lynn has pleaded not guilty to the alleged double murder of the couple in Victoria’s supreme court. Courts and justice reporter Nino Bucci tells Nour Haydar about the trial’s latest developments You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 05/22/24
In his budget reply last week, Peter Dutton promised to slash permanent migration by 25% – a move he says could ease pressure on the housing market. Chief political correspondent Paul Karp tells Nour Haydar why the opposition leader has zeroed in on the issue and what it could mean in a pre-election year You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 05/21/24
Hundreds of experts expect global temperatures to rise to at least 2.5C above preindustrial levels by 2100. Damian Carrington reports
Published 05/20/24
Warning: this episode contains descriptions of graphic images that some viewers may find distressing. Last month, two Australian doctors spent two weeks in Gaza treating countless injured Palestinians. Surgeon Sanjay Adusumilli and general practitioner Siraj Sira tell Nour Haydar why they left Sydney to volunteer in the besieged territory, the pain they witnessed and the feelings of guilt on return You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 05/19/24
Guardian Australia’s political editor, Karen Middleton, speaks with the treasurer, Jim Chalmers, about whether his third budget can really provide cost-of-living relief without fuelling inflation Exclusive: Labor to run $45m taxpayer-funded Future Made In Australia advertising campaign
Published 05/16/24
Almost all children have them by the time they are 11 years old – and some get them at four. But are they ruining childhoods? Blake Montgomery reports
Published 05/15/24
Editor-in-chief Lenore Taylor and political editor Karen Middleton speak to Nour Haydar about the budget Labor hopes will bring down inflation, ease cost-of-living pressures and win the next election
Published 05/14/24
In February, the Queensland police service sacked its First Nations advisory body after their refusal to sign a contract with a gag clause. Queensland state correspondent Ben Smee tells Nour Haydar how members of the group had repeatedly raised concerns that the police leadership had stalled on cultural reforms following a damning inquiry in 2022 into police responses to family and domestic violence You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 05/13/24
Earlier this month, Cumberland city council in western Sydney passed a motion banning books about same-sex parenting from its libraries. Nour Haydar speaks to NSW reporter Catie McLeod about the controversial decision and backlash to the ban You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 05/12/24
Federal treasurer Jim Chalmers will next week present his government’s third and possibly final budget of this term. He has said it won’t be one of ‘scorched-earth austerity’ and will take into account hardships caused by the cost-of-living crisis. But the 2024 Australian federal budget is not without its economic and social challenges and the government needs to convince voters that the economy is in safe hands. Bridie Jabour speaks with editor-in-chief Lenore Taylor and deputy editor...
Published 05/09/24
Last Tuesday, tents appeared on the lawn of the University of Sydney as students protested against the war in Gaza. The tents have multiplied, with similar student encampments now established at universities in every state in the country. Jane Lee speaks to Daisy Dumas and Caitlin Cassidy about what the protesters want and whether this growing movement could lead to change. You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 05/08/24
India’s mammoth election has kicked off with nearly a billion voters expected to head to the polls over six weeks. Reged Ahmad speaks to south Asia correspondent Hannah Ellis-Petersen about why prime minister Narendra Modi is popular yet divisive – and the international impact of the election You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 05/07/24
In July 2023, Erin Patterson hosted four relatives for lunch in the Victorian town of Leongatha. The guests were served beef wellington – which police allege was laced with a deadly mushroom. Patterson was charged with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder and is due to face court today. Courts and justice reporter Nino Bucci tells Nour Haydar about the latest developments in the case and why it has drawn intense media interest You can support the Guardian at...
Published 05/06/24
The number of disabled students recognised as needing greater learning support has grown to almost 1 million nationally. But these children are increasingly being suspended from schools, including some as young as five years old. Investigative reporter Sarah Martin explains to Jane Lee how Australia’s education system has reached crisis point
Published 05/05/24
In Australia – a multifaith and sometimes agnostic country – what role does faith play in the decision-making of those who run the country? With the upcoming release of his book, Plans For Your Good: A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness, Scott Morrison has placed his faith front and centre. But is this something new? Or has religion always been a part of Australia’s political democracy? Bridie Jabour speaks with editor in chief Lenore Taylor and deputy editor Patrick Keneally on...
Published 05/02/24
Rising education, health and rental costs have kept inflation higher than expected this year. Economics correspondent Peter Hannam tells Nour Haydar what the Reserve Bank’s reaction might be – are all hopes of an interest rate cut this year gone? And what does this mean for any cost of living relief the government might be considering?
Published 05/01/24
My Place emerged from the highly vocal Covid-19 anti-lockdown protests. It’s a network which reportedly has thousands of members and is predominantly active in Facebook community groups. Some of the ideas that these groups believe are that vaccines are deadly, fluoride in water is dangerous and 5G is a threat. Lately My Place has been taking its ideologies offline and into local government, with some groups allegedly playing a role in supporting candidates in Queensland council elections. So...
Published 04/30/24
For many years political leaders have condemned violence against women and expressed platitudes about the need for change. But government policies to reduce gender-based violence have failed and frontline services say they are severely underfunded. Journalist and coercive control educator Jess Hill speaks to Nour Haydar about the major paradigm shift that governments still need to make You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 04/29/24
Police have arrested dozens of pro-Palestinian university students. Erum Salam and Margaret Sullivan report from New York You can support the Guardian at theguardian.com/fullstorysupport
Published 04/28/24
As the Australian government faces off with Elon Musk and his social media platform X, a global battle to better regulate the world’s biggest social platforms is kicking off.Nour Haydar speaks to editor-in-chief Lenore Taylor and deputy editor Patrick Keneally about the trouble with regulating global social media giants, and how it will affect the future of journalism
Published 04/25/24