Thanks to artificial intelligence, faking someone’s voice is easier than ever - all you need is a few minutes of audio. An investigation by Guardian Australia has found that this technology is able to fool a voice identification system that’s used by the Australian government to secure the private information of millions of people. Data and interactives editor Nick Evershed explains how he discovered this security flaw and AI expert Toby Walsh explores how this technology could potentially...
Published 03/20/23
Published 03/20/23
A tweet by Gary Lineker led to his suspension by the BBC and set off a weekend of chaos in its schedules. Now with a truce agreed, Archie Bland reports on whether it can hold
Published 03/19/23
After the landmark Aukus announcement, the former prime minister Paul Keating launched a blistering attack on the government – calling the trilateral agreement the ‘worst deal in history’. The response from China was even more pointed, accusing Australia of a cold war mentality and participating in an arms race. But despite all the sound and fury, are we any closer to understanding the geopolitical risks of this momentous commitment? Gabrielle Jackson talks to Guardian Australia’s...
Published 03/16/23
Hearings into the royal commission into robodebt have just wrapped up. Over many months, the commission heard from public servants, politicians and people affected by the scheme and a picture began to form of how the program continued for so long when so many concerns were raised. Social affairs and inequality editor Luke Henriques-Gomes speaks to Jane Lee about the key moments in the royal commission and why robodebt was allowed to go on for so long, despite repeated warnings of legal and...
Published 03/15/23
On Tuesday new details of the Aukus agreement – described as the most significant multilateral defence partnership in generations – were unveiled. Australia’s acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines is meant to increase security and stability in the Indo-Pacific but the cost will be eye-watering and the project has drawn criticism from world leaders and former prime ministers. Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to Guardian Australia’s foreign affairs and defence correspondent, Daniel Hurst, about...
Published 03/14/23
Escalating violence by Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories is happening amid unprecedented anti-government protests. It’s no coincidence, reports Bethan McKernan
Published 03/13/23
The rich farmlands of NSW’s Liverpool Plains have long been coveted by fossil fuel companies – BHP and Chinese state-owned Shenhua have both tried and walked away. Now locals are preparing to fight Australian gas giant Santos, which holds the licences for what lies beneath. The rural and regional editor, Gabrielle Chan, tells Jane Lee about the new generation of farmers taking on Santos, alongside traditional owners and teal independent MPs
Published 03/12/23
This week the UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak, promised to ‘stop the boats’ and announced a new hardline stance on immigration. This familiar language shapes familiar policy. The inability to seek asylum, forcible boat turnbacks, offshore and indefinite detention led to an immeasurable human toll in Australia. But two decades later, after implementing a similar ‘solution’, the cruelty of the system remains. Gabrielle Jackson talks to Guardian Australia’s editor-in-chief, Lenore Taylor, and...
Published 03/09/23
Negotiations over Labor’s major climate policy are in deadlock. With the government’s tight deadline to pass its bill to cut greenhouse gas emissions looming, what’s holding up this deal? And what’s at stake if the parties fail to reach a compromise?Guardian Australia’s climate and environment editor Adam Morton joins Jane Lee to discuss the details of Labor’s safeguard mechanism and who will be crucial to its success
Published 03/08/23
Teal MP Monique Ryan is being taken to court by her former staffer Sally Rugg – a high-profile LGBTQ+ rights campaigner – over an alleged workplace law breach. Rugg’s lawyers say this case could change working conditions for all commonwealth employees and a larger pool of workers who claim they are being exploited.Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to political reporter Paul Karp about how this case ended up in court, what it could mean for workers across Australia and how it could change who gets to...
Published 03/07/23
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has admitted under oath that several Fox News hosts endorsed false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and he did nothing to stop it. This testimony - revealed in a landmark defamation case in the United States - could affect another defamation suit brought by Lachlan Murdoch against independent news outlet Crikey. Laura Murphy-Oates talks to Guardian Australia’s media correspondent Amanda Meade and defamation law expert Dr Michael Douglas...
Published 03/06/23
When a train derailed in a small town in Ohio last month, it shed its toxic load, spewed smoke and set off a political firestorm that is still raging
Published 03/05/23
As the Labor government continues to push for tax reform, it seems that every time Jim Chalmers and Anthony Albanese face the media they’re accused of breaking an election promise. While it’s important to hold politicians accountable, is the constant shouting about broken promises drowning out a nuanced discussion about a fair and equitable tax system? And should a past promise prevent good policy? Gabrielle Jackson talks to Guardian Australia’s editor-in-chief, Lenore Taylor, and head of...
Published 03/02/23
Some of Australia’s biggest companies like Qantas, Woolworths and Woodside are making huge windfalls during the cost of living crisis. Senior business reporter Jonathan Barrett tells Jane Lee these record profits are also contributing to high inflation.
Published 03/01/23
A referendum on an Indigenous voice to parliament is now expected in the final months of this year. The yes and no campaigns are beginning to heat up - with donations rolling in, powerful groups and individuals vowing support, and events being held around the country. Our Indigenous affairs editor, Lorena Allam, looks at the major players behind the yes and no campaigns, their plans to sway your vote and the rules that will govern this process
Published 02/28/23
Jack Nunn found out by chance that he and his mother were some of the many descendants of a prolific sperm donor at a time when regulations had not been established to try to prevent this practice. Today, that wouldn’t happen but senior reporter Tory Shepherd speaks to Jane Lee about why people are choosing not to use the IVF system
Published 02/27/23
Daniel Boffey reports on the life and death of Staff Sergeant Denys Tkach, the first soldier to have been killed by Russian forces on the day of the invasion
Published 02/26/23
This week Labor opened the door to reforming superannuation. Treasurer Jim Chalmers has questioned whether tax breaks on wealthy people’s super are sustainable, given they will cost the budget more than the age pension by 2050. Jane Lee talks to Guardian Australia’s editor-in-chief, Lenore Taylor, and live news editor, Patrick Keneally, about what your superannuation is really for: personal gain or national good
Published 02/23/23
The state government announced this week it would override its own Human Rights Act and implement laws that make breaches of bail a criminal offence for children. With youth prisons full, there are fears the new laws will lead to an ‘explosion’ of children in adult watch houses. So why did the Palaszczuk government make this decision after months of arguing it would be ineffective?
Published 02/22/23
Queensland police say Nathaniel, Gareth and Stacey Train believed in premillennialism and that their attack on police officers in December was a religiously motivated terrorist attack. Jane Lee speaks with Deakin University’s Josh Roose about why people are being drawn to these extremist beliefs and how the threat of terrorism in Australia is changing
Published 02/21/23
An impending class action will allege that the national disability insurance scheme is discriminatory – unlawfully excluding people who are over 65. The lawyers behind the case say this could cost the federal government more than the robodebt settlement and permanently change the way the NDIS operates. In this episode the proposed lead plaintiff Helen Bonynge describes how being lock out of the NDIS has changed her life, and reporter Paul Karp breaks down the legal arguments behind this class...
Published 02/20/23
The New South Wales election is just over a month away, and after 12 years of Liberal/National governments, voters will soon decide whether to grant the Coalition a fourth term in office, or try a new Labor government. After a string of electoral defeats for rightwing parties nationwide - can premier Dominic Perrottet hold on in NSW? Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to NSW state correspondent Michael McGowan about the track records of Perrottet and opposition leader, Chris Minns, and their...
Published 02/19/23
The torrent of bad news – on the economy, the climate and the war in Europe – can be exhausting. Despite the news reflecting a grim picture of our society, some of Australia’s best writers, including Helen Garner and Tony Birch, have found happiness amid the chaos. In this episode of Full Story, Gabrielle Jackson talks to Guardian Australia’s editor-in-chief, Lenore Taylor, and assistant editor for features, culture and lifestyle, Celina Ribeiro, about how we can find joy without turning away...
Published 02/16/23
A Senate inquiry is examining the link between repeated concussions and other head injuries from contact sports including AFL, rugby league and rugby union and a neurodegenerative disease called CTE. Inequality reporter Stephanie Convery speaks with Jane Lee about the life of former semiprofessional rugby player Terry Strong, who suffered from severe CTE in his later years and died in 2021
Published 02/15/23