(Gaia House) A guided meditation sending mettā and compassion to phenomena (rather than beings). Then a reflection and discussion about what insights, wisdom, and well-being, we feel from this kind of practice. Plus, where further can this practice take us. For more, see my upcoming course at Gaia House: https://gaiahouse.co.uk/programme-2022/wisdom-of-compassion/
Published 04/24/22
(Gaia House) Summary of what we have covered: the four truths and the three characteristics. This recording also includes Laura Bridgman.
Published 04/18/22
(Gaia House) Impermanence.
Published 04/17/22
(Gaia House) The ground of metta.
Published 04/16/22
(Gaia House) The five hindrances as coverings.
Published 04/15/22
(Gaia House)
Published 04/14/22
(Gaia House) Grounding, breathing & soothing.
Published 04/14/22
(Gaia House) This session starts with a guided meditation (30 mins). Followed by a reflection on the Sister Sela sutta. The latter part is a questions and response session. For privacy, the questions have not been recorded, but it should still make sense.
Published 04/10/22
(Gaia House) What are we doing on retreat, and why? Reflections on how times of retreat are relevant to the whole of our life.
Published 04/09/22
(Gaia House) As we quieten the noise of aversion and grasping, some stillness and calm can arise in the spacious welcoming of our experience. We can start to feel a freeing of the heart from our often limiting agendas and sense that heart-mind can stay open, connected and engaged, even when we struggle or are not in control.
Published 04/08/22
(Gaia House) The teachings on the Middle Way, in their different expression, all point to a dynamic, responsive balance that aims to avoid skewing to any side of a perceived polarity. They do not imply a "being stuck in the middle", nor do they promise that we can eventually find a place to land, settle and discover freedom in taking a side in any duality. The teachings on the Middle Way keep us on our feet, questioning, opening, refining. They reveal and offer the liberating perception of...
Published 04/07/22
(Gaia House) How does our concept of for whom we're practising shape our practice? Including our energy and enthusiasm, what we might do in the practice, and more…
Published 04/03/22
(Gaia House) The Ten Ox Herding Pictures
Published 03/30/22
(Gaia House) Compassion
Published 03/30/22
(Gaia House) An Appropriate Response
Published 03/29/22
(Gaia House) What is This ?
Published 03/28/22
(Gaia House) Great Faith, Great Courage, Great Questioning
Published 03/27/22
(Gaia House) Integrating Dharma practice into our life. (This recording also includes Alan Lewis)
Published 03/21/22